“My son is really particular about who he warms to, but your staff always does a fantastic job making him feel comfortable and brave. Today’s visit was particularly smooth in large part to this woman who did an amazing job at winning him over. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch her name. I wanted you all to know that I appreciate her efforts. Thanks so much!”
– Shawnee W

“We love how friendly and professional everyone is here. Our kids actually enjoy coming!”
– Elizabeth Z

With three children, Morrow, Lai & Kitterman have always been great about scheduling all three together. That helps out a lot with our busy family schedule!”
– Sutton M

“We have loved our experience with Dr’s Morrow, Lai & Kitterman.Everyone from the office staff, Hygienists, Assistants to the Dentists, make our visits easy and very enjoyable.”
– Alicia W

“We love our Dentist! Always professional, friendly service! Every time!
– Jessica N

“Dr. Morrow has always made my kids extremely comfortable to have their teeth worked on. He is kind, knowledgeable and excellent at his craft. Additionally, we do not have dental insurance and he has always been extremely affordable. We had a recommendation from another dentist to have four of my daughter’s baby teeth worked on, Dr. Morrow recommended ‘watching’ them since they were baby teeth and not causing her any pain. We ended up doing nothing to the teeth since they were not causing her pain. That was the right decision since the teeth fell out within a year anyway. Excellent Dentists who take the conservative route rather than the one that will make him more money.”
– Carol K M

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