While Drs. Lai, Morrow and Edwards strive to offer a comfortable experience for all our patients, we realize that fear or anxiety while visiting the dentist can affect a lot of kids anyway. For patients who need extra comfort and relaxation during their dental visit, we are pleased to offer sedation dentistry.

Do you feel nervous or stressed about your upcoming dental treatment? Well you’re not alone; in fact, almost 30 percent of the population experiences “dental phobia” when faced with visiting the dentist.

The reasons for patients’ fear of the dentist can be numerous, but are usually due to a traumatic experience during their childhood. This overwhelming anxiety can cause one to avoid modern dental care, resulting in poor oral hygiene and possible mouth-related issues such as gum disease.

Your child can benefit from sedation dentistry if he or she experiences one or more of the following:

* High fear of dental care
* Complex dental problems
* Traumatic dental experiences
* Fear of needles and shots
* Trouble getting numb
* Sensitive teeth

If your child suffers from dental phobia, sedation dentistry may be the answer. Please give us a call at (918) 742-9810 for more info about sedation dentistry, and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.

Enjoy your weekend!