Lately, we have been receiving quite a few questions from parents who are concerned about permanent teeth that start to peek out from behind baby teeth that have yet to fall out. When this happens, it looks like a second row of teeth are growing, and this can be rather alarming for parents, who are obviously concerned about their children’s teeth and oral health!

If you notice this happening in your children’s mouth, you shouldn’t fret! There is actually a simple explanation for this occurrence! The loss of baby teeth, or “exfoliation”, is caused by the adult teeth growing underneath the baby teeth while the adult teeth slowly begin to absorb the roots until the baby teeth become loose and fall out. If the adult teeth are not growing directly underneath the baby teeth, but rather at a slight angle, then they will start to show through the gums, while the baby teeth will simultaneously remain in your child’s mouth.

When this happens, the baby teeth that are in question will need some “help” moving out of the mouth! The first step for this process is wiggling the baby tooth, and this can be done by the child or parent. If this doesn’t help the tooth to fall out over the course of a week, you should contact our practice to seek help from Drs. Morrow, Lai, and Edwards! Once we are able to remove the tooth, your child’s tongue will usually push the adult tooth into the correct position naturally. The key here is addressing the situation early enough to prevent complications, such as gum irritation and infection or malocclusion!

Don’t hesitate to give our practice a call if you have any questions about your family’s dental health! We’re here to help your children achieve and maintain a lifetime of the greatest smiles and oral health!