Do your kids become increasingly nervous the closer they get to their next dental appointment? Our team at Morrow, Lai & Edwards Pediatric Dentistry understand that many people feel this way and we would like to provide some tips to help your children feel more comfortable on their next visit.

A few topics to discuss with your child:

Let them know that they are not alone
Talk about a time when you had a fear and how you were able to work through it. This will give your son or daughter something they can relate to and hopefully provide them with the courage and strength needed for their dental visit.

Identify their fears

Sit down with your child and discuss what makes them nervous about the dentist. Take note of what your child shares, and then review the list together and think of some ways your child might be able to overcome them.

Talk with Drs. Morrow, Lai, and Edwards
All of our dentists are specialized in pediatric dentistry. It is our goal to create happy, healthy smiles for children. During your child’s next visit, sit down with our pediatric dentists and allow your child to discuss their concerns. Drs. Morrow, Lai and Edwards take these issues very seriously, and by discussing your concerns together we can work towards providing a more comfortable dental experience.

Dr. Morrow, Dr. Lai and Dr. Edwards hope you find these tips useful. Feel free to call our office if you have any questions or concerns.