When was the last time that you and your family enjoyed the Tulsa, OK great outdoors? If you’ve been looking for a great educational activity for your preschooler or kindergartener, search no further! Drs. Morrow, Lai, and Edwards recently came across a great article in Nickelodeon Parents Connect, which we would like to share with you today. We know how important it is for your child to discover the magic of science for themselves. That’s why we invite you to let your imagination run wild and take your children on a summer stargazing expedition!

When planning your stargazing trip, whether it is in the backyard, at a local park, or while camping, be sure to choose a warm, clear night. A few constellations to look for: the Big Dipper, Little Dipper, North Star, and Cassiopeia. Don’t forget to pack a flashlight, snacks, water, sleeping bags, paper and crayons, and-of course-your star map!

Have fun & be safe!

-The team at Morrow, Lai, and Edwards Pediatric Dentistry