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Are you looking in the area for Tulsa a pediatric dentist. Well look no further than right here at MLK dentistry dot com where we have a great comprehensive Web site with a ton of things to look at and learn such as the difference that we feel that you receive here at MLK and also the meet the doctors section so you can kind of take a look at the doctors and who they are not only at the office but out of the office which is a great way to be able to kind of get to know them and see who they really are. They also have videos associated with those you can actually watch a video on it. Another section below that allows you to meet the Office team. So same concept but just with the Office team as well. There’s also a section here for there for our community which is a great section to look at just seeing how they are making the world a better place. And so they have World Vision is a charity that’s sponsoring 14 children who are disadvantaged in different parts of the world and they send personal notes and monetary donations to them every month. And it has been extremely rewarding for the Office team here to be able to do so. They’re receiving letters from the children now and have made a real difference in their life and their community and it really brings the dentist office together not only as a team but as a family.
And so if you want to learn more about them giving this money here in kind of what the charity is all about you can go to the WWE World Vision dot org. They’re also involved in many emergency services and Catholic charities such as emergency infant services and Catholic Charities Tulsa or both great charities so.
Just to give you an idea that it’s not just about you know the dentistry it’s truly about being able to give back to the community here in Tulsa and the surrounding area. And so that should speak to the character of the doctors and staff here at Marshall Law and Kinnaman truly great people who love to help kids. So next time you want to take your kids to find the Tulsa pediatric dentist go no further than looking right here at the best Tulsa pediatric dentist at moral line Kinnaman. We have strived for about 35 years to make sure that we are the best Tull’s a pediatric dentist in the area and really just set a new standard for Tulsa pediatric dentist to really take customer service a little bit further. And that’s what we do here. We really tried to hit home that every experience that you come in and bring your child to is going to be tailored to them in particular. We’re going to be able to really learn and build on our relationship with not only you but your children as well. So the next time they come in we give you a personalized experience and truly know how to handle your child.
So if you want to create a great relationship with a pediatric dentist please come to the best Tull’s a pediatric dentist right here at moral lie and kid around and you can see online at MLK dentistry dot com you can also call the phone number locally here at 9 1 8 7 4 to 98. We also have a way here on the Web site for you to contact us just by typing your name and send a question information such as your phone number e-mails things like that send that and get back to you that way as well. So a few different ways to be able to get in touch with us you can also just go right down to our physical address here at 29 30 south Pittsburgh Avenue and see us in person which is a great way to be able to get a look at the office. But either way if you haven’t had a chance to check out the best Tulsa pediatric dentist in the area Maaro line Kellerman. You really should get the kids on down there today and see why.
Everyone is loving the wonderful services here at the pediatric dentist and. Pediatric dentistry.