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For the best possible pediatric dentist, visits MLK Dentistry and give your child an experience that they will absolutely love. We provide the best care for your child oral hygiene and cleaning. Parents tell us that their kids used to strongly dislike going to the dentist office to get their teeth cleaned. Now, they absolutely love it! After visiting our office and meeting our friendly staff, we promise your kids will look forward to going to the dentist and getting her teeth cleaned, if their experiences were bad in the past. Take advantage of our free under three program. It is a program that we offer free dental hygiene care to children under the age of three. Once they reach the age of three, we feel your child is now capable and educated to continue their dental hygiene on their own. As this program provides education on dental care for you and your child. We provide simple steps in educating your child and make it fun and enjoyable every time they come and visit us! Give us a call today at (918) 742-9810.

We believe that every first time visit to the dentist should be enjoyable and positive. We go over and above to make sure that your child feels like they are at the most amazing place, and they are surrounded around with people who absolutely care. We know what it takes to put a smile your child’s face and help them receieving care of their teeth. Our goal is to create happy, healthy spouse or children. We want our patients to understand that oral health is important we want to recognize their part care of their teeth. For the best Tulsa pediatric dentist, give us a call today.

We know that children love Disney World or Disneyland. Is a wonderful place where they can experience laughter, joy and great lasting memories with your family. If your child has great oral hygiene at their appointment, their name will be placed in a drawing for a chance to win a trip to Disney World or Disneyland. We are committed to providing exceptional service to each kid that walks to our door and we want to create an experience that they went to their friends and everyone else that they know. Coming to the dentist should be a great experience and we believe that you will absolutely enjoy your visit when you come to our office. For the best Tulsa pediatric Dennis, give us a call today.

For 32 years we have been providing service to kids. All of our dentist are specialize in pediatric dentistry and have fun working with children. We promise this: your child will leave mildly and happy that they came to visit our office. Our customers are raving about our exceptional service. We are five-star Google top team which 900 plus reviews. We are committed to providing the best service and care when it comes to your child. For the best Tulsa pediatric dentist, give us a call today.

We had seven years of combined pediatric dentistry. Our office is also homes three Board of certified. And we will help you save so much money with our affordable care services. Give us a call today at (918) 742-9810 or visit www.mlkdentistry.com today.