If you have been on the search for a great Tulsa Pediatric Dentist for your children then you are in love today. Stop your search for some of the best dentist around once you have found us. We are a pediatric dentist. I understand how important it is to have dentist and hygienist that you can trust. It is extremely important to not only have doctors that you can trust but also have an amazing staff that is friendly and helpful throughout the entire process and a staff and office that your child well love. Kids don’t often like going to the dentist so it is even more important to make sure that you are finding an office that your kids will enjoy going to and feel comfortable at the entire time. That’s what you get when you come to us.

This is a pediatric dentist office that has been around for a long time and has lots of experience doing what we do. All of our doctors and staff have spent years and years training and going to school for this trade and they know exactly how to do it correctly. They have lots of experience and training to do what they do and they arm Qualified to be able to do the dentistry with your child. We offer many different options here and besides just being an amazing office that will make you want to love us and bring all of your kids here.

We offer so many different options here that your kids will love us. We understand that it is important that your kids are comfortable and excited to come to the dentist. This is why we have lots of amazing things for the children to do while they wait and while they’re getting their teeth cleaned. There are friendly movies playing the entire time as well as places where they can play video games, play on playsets, see fish, and we have an amazing therapy dog that is great at keeping the children calm as well. you know you are going to the right place when they even have a therapy dog to help keep everyone calm throughout the whole time because we know that dentist can be stressful especially for children.

The Tulsa Pediatric Dentist that you want for your children is also going to be the one that has over 70 years of combined pediatric dentistry experience. Not only that, but we are a dentist office that offers everything to be absolutely free until your child is at least the age of three. This means that until your child is three years old, they can get free exams and fluoride treatments and this is important to start at a young age so that they are comfortable with a Dentist as well as know how to take care of their teeth, and you can keep track of the health of their teeth at a young age.

MLK, Tulsa Pediatric Dentist is the kids dentist for you. Being the home of three certified dentist and having many no brainer options, you must reach out to us today to see how you can get started. And give us a call to see if we take your dental insurance today. You can give us a call at 918-742-9810 or you could even just check out our website by going to