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We want to make sure that your child’s experience at their first Tulsa Pediatric Dentist is a positive experience. Men and children are scared of the dentist to make sure to lower that risk. so, I want it to be enjoyable and positive. We have a fish tank so in the waiting room it can call them and they will be able to see the cute fish swimming around. We also have games that they can play in the beginning and we have a place so that they will be looking forward to coming to our office every 6 months.

I want to make sure that everything is super positive for your child. so, we have TVs playing so that they get their teeth cleaned so I can watch something and be distracted by the TVs. That way they do not focus so much on what is going on in their mouth. because, many children add anxiety and freak out about people cleaning their teeth, especially people they do not know. so, I want to make our experience as enjoyable as possible for them. so we came up with the combination of our fish tank, the games, the place that, and the TVs to watch while they are getting their teeth cleaned, we have created an amazing experience for them. Also, we have the most amazing professionals that do their teeth so they can be confident every time that we will do the best work for them. All of our professionals are specialized in pediatric dentistry and they also have so much fun working with children.

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