Are you looking for to find pediatric dentist in Tulsa then you need to find MLK Dentistry. Then you need to check out MLK Dentistry . You’re gonna love your experience at MLK Dentistry because we know the quality is the most important. We have our no-brainer offer of free until three, which means that your child can visit MLK Dentistry for free until they turn three years old. This is a value of $120 per visit and is an effort by us to prevent decay. We hope to instill habits early to avoid problems down the road.

If you are looking to find pediatric dentists in Tulsa then your search should lead you to MLK Dentistry. In addition to our incredible no-brainer offer of free dental service until it. Your child turns three years old. We also have a cool offer. Called brush your way to Disney. If your child exhibits great oral hygiene they will be placed into a drawing to win a trip to Disney. This is a great way to incentivize positive hygiene behaviors in your child. We also want to make sure that we send a child to Disney as a way to say thank you for the great war hygiene.

If you want to Find Pediatric Dentists in Tulsa then check out MLK Dentistry. We aim to make every single one of the children visitor offices leave with a happy and healthy smile. We know that oral health is super important and we wanna make sure that all of our clients are practicing proper hygiene techniques. With her brush away from the Disney offer we have a great way of incentivizing this positive behavior. We also can help you with regular check ups to make sure that you are getting your regular dental needs.

We have been in the dentistry business for over 32 years. Our experience certainly shows each and every time you visit our office. Our Dentists are specialized in pediatric dentistry and have fun working with the children. We know this is a super important part of our business, it’s not just about providing great service, but also customer service too. We have a goal of making sure every child leaves a happy healthy smile each time at the visitor’s office. Thats the commitment to quality you will get when you visit the friendly staff at MLK Dentistry, so come find out why everybody loves us! You will need to come see MLK and how this is going to be.

To get booked, visit or give us a call at 9187429810 to see what America’s highest rated most reviewed pediatric dental practices are all about. We guarantee you absolutely love your experience with MLK Dentistry. Again, your child doesn’t have to pay at all until they turn three years Old. We wanna make all of our dental bill visits free of charge until your child is three and that is an effort to integrate positively. Oral hygiene habits at an early age. Come experience the MLK Dentistry difference today.