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If you are looking for a caring Tulsa pediatric dentist then Morrow Lai Kitterman Pediatric Dentistry is the best place for you. You can visit our website to schedule an appointment or even to meet the doctors. So that you can get to know each of the doctors, each one has their own section so you can see all the about them. You can see a short autobiography, education, continuing education, professional associations, special recognition, what they do outside of the office, and short video telling you more about them.

One of the doctors has been helping the children in the community for over 32 years. Another doctor has their focus in developing patients that’s an excellent oral health care with positive attitudes towards it. And another doctor recognizes that each child needs to be dealt with individually, as their own person. These doctors recognize the importance of watching patients grow up in confidence and positive attitudes. These doctors have bachelors of science degrees, doctors of dental surgery degrees, pediatric residency degrees, general practice degrees and master of science dentistry degrees. All of these things are essential for having one of the best Tulsa pediatric dentist centers.

You can visit our website to see about regular checkups, sedation dentistry, even free until three offer. The free until three offer is there so that US clients are motivated to bring your child to the dentist before the age of three is to stop any disastrous problems from occurring. You can also see what charities we support. Support Worldvision, Infant Emergency Services, Catholic Charities Tulsa. So come on over to the website and schedule an appointment or call us at 9187499810. Website you can also message us about any concerns or questions that you might have by only leaving your name and phone number.

Can also see testimonials about people just like you and how we have helped them so that you can see why you should visit us and so that we can see you today. We also have a blog as articles about many things such as energy and sports drinks you wake your teeth, why not pressure teeth after every meal, toothpaste guide and so much more. On our toothpaste guide, we explain how to choose between the huge number of toothpaste brands on the market today with different flavors, and claiming things that may not be true. Will tell you about the basic ingredients and what they do, what to look for the toothpaste, about Tartar control, and more. Tartar is the plaque buildup on teeth so will show you how to find toothpaste controls that for you.

So if you for a Tulsa pediatric dentist, come on over to MLKdentistry.com and see how we are the perfect fit for you. Just contact us today at 9187429810 or visit our website so we can help you today. So come over and have people who know what they’re doing give your child enjoyable and positive first dentist appointment. Is our goal to create, the smiles for children who later stand that is important and for them to take their part in taking care of their teeth.

Tulsa Pediatric Dentist| Happy, Healthy Smile

Come on over to Morrow, Lai, and Kitterman Pediatric Dentistry to see how weekly happy smiles for children. Helping our patients to understand the importance of oral health and how to properly take care of their teeth. Our office is a teaching environment where patients are taught and can learn to take responsibility for their health. So come over today and visit our website or call us today to schedule appointment with any one of our excellent dentists. So come on over to see how we can give your child a happy healthy smile while you’re looking for a Tulsa pediatric dentist.

If you visit the website you can learn more about our doctors, the office team, look at her blog, and see how we help out our community. Also see testimonials and learn about our regular checkups, sedation dentistry, and more. We also offer a free until three program to encourage patients to bring their children with needs for their newly erupted teeth so that we can help you prevent any type of decay or disastrous issues. So come on over and visit our website to get in touch with us contact us with any questions or concerns while only leaving your name, email, and phone number.

You can visit our blog on our website and see many articles such as how sports drones energy drinks eat away your teeth. These strengths can cause reversible damage to the teeth of both teens and young adults. A study by General Dentistry states that these drinks contain so much acid they start destroying teeth after five days of consistent use. Between 30% and 50% of teenagers consume energy drinks and as many as 62% consume at least one sports drink per day. The high city these drinks to the that can cause irreversible damage. Our team here Morrow Lai and Kitterman Pediatric Dentistry encourages our patients to limit their intake of these drinks. And if you do to wait at least 45 minutes until you brush your teeth so that you do not brush your enamel away.

Is important that no matter what you visit the dentist basis that you keep your oral health. We understand that you have a business schedule so keep the appointments informative and only lasting from twenty to forty minutes. We also have activity booklets on our website so you can help your child understand what is going on and help them get excited. So when looking for Tulsa pediatric dentists do not hesitate to call or visit our website so that we can help you schedule an appointment.

Our sedation dentistry provides a comfortable and safe solution options for patients with special needs. The two most common types of sedation dentistry is oral conscious sedation and inhalation sedation and also general anesthesia. These sedation options can also help you if you have dental care fears, complex dental problems, fear of needles and shots, or even if you have sensitive teeth. So come on over today and see how we can help you with your Tulsa pediatric dentist needs.