Our staff has three board certified dentists and are highly specialized in creating a fun and safe environment which makes us the top choice for Tulsa Kids Dentists. Our goal is to make sure that the smiles of the children of Tulsa are healthy as well as happy. We simply want to go above and beyond for each and every one of the patience. It is truly our goal to make sure we are showing our true dedication to the field of Dentistry by taking care of the oral health of children in the Tulsa area. We have over 30 years experience in the dental industry and we are just going to continue to take great care of our patients.

MLK Dentistry is the number one option to go with if you are looking for Tulsa Kids Dentists. We are after all the highest rated and most reviewed pediatric dental practice in america. You are welcome to read our customer reviews and well let’s check out our new testimonials of all of our very happy patients. Children’s visits to the dentist should be positive and happy and that is why our team is specialized to make sure that children are receiving a fun experience each and every time they visit our office. The days of kids being anxious and scared of going to the dentist are over. It is our goal to ensure that they leave wanting to come back the next time.

You will be making a fantastic choice with MLK Dentistry for your Tulsa Kids Dentists. not only does her Dentistry off a regular check as we are excellent pediatric dentistry. Your kids will be so excited to be able to visit the dentist and we are teaching the environment so that they will learn more about how to take responsibility for their own health. A great benefit of choosing us is this sedation dentistry which is advancing technology that allows a safe and comfortable treatment for children. We just know that you will absolutely be happy with the services that we provide for your children and will absolutely love our office and want to come back again.

We take responsibility to make sure we are providing excellent gum and teeth out to the little ones of tulsa. This is why we provide a free under three program which is $120 for parents who need to get fluoride treatment and regular dental cleanings for their under three year olds. This Dentistry has been serving the great Tulsa area and continues to offer a comfortable light-hearted environment for all its patients. clients say that they can trust us and their kids get the best care in our office. Our team continues to make our office a happy and positive one.

For more information questions or concerns go check out our website or give us a call at https://mlkdentistry.com or 918-742-9810 we know that you owe 100% be satisfied with all of our services that we will be providing to your kids. we also know that they will be extremely happy with their Dental visits.