MLK Dentistry truly has the best Tulsa Kids Dentists in the region ready to prepare your child for their dental hygiene future and equip you to be able to best help them succeed in that future. Our Doctors are Dr Morrow, Dr Lai, and Dr. Kitterman each with their own special superpower. Our doctors truly take pride and care for our pediatric patients which can be seen in the testimonials from said patients on our website. We offer many different services and our doctors each provide their own excelling characteristics which we do love to brag about. Please stay to learn more about each of our team members and why they are important to you and your child’s future oral health.

Dr. Morrow has lived in Tulsa his whole life so he was already familiar with local Tulsa Kids Dentists. However this is nothing compared to the continued education that Dr Morrow seeks every single year. being actively involved in his education and regularly attending APPD meetings means that he is continuously evolving his knowledge and experience in the Pediatric Dentistry setting. Talk tomorrow’s residency was in Baylor College for Dentistry but he continues to receive over 20 hours of training each year. Dr. Morrow has always understood the importance in pediatric dental health and with that he has received several special recognitions but one of the most prominent and recent ones is diplomat, American Board of pediatric dentistry – 1991.

Dr. Lai Has many unique recognitions within the community here at Tulsa but in fact is a native of Oklahoma City. One of the recognitions she received that shows she truly is at the top of Tulsa Kids Dentists is Oklahoma College of dentistry, senior pediatric honors program. Dr. Lai also has a colorful professional background and education i from Denver, and Oklahoma State University And continues to enhance their education as needed by attending courses seminars and any public events held by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

Dr. Kitterman Truly is a unique Tulsa Kids Dentist, in the fact that she has her own children and acknowledges that not all children have the same Comfort or anxiety levels, with that she attempts to apply those practices into her office for a more rewarding appointment. Dr. Kitterman also received a colorful background in education starting at the Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry and moving to University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry. Along the way Dr. Kitterman has joined several professional associations including the American Academy of pediatric dentistry Oklahoma Dental association, Tulsa County Dental associates, American Dental association, and Southwest Society of pediatric dentist,

Go ahead and allow us to show you exactly what makes us the highest reviewed and rated pediatric dentistry in Tulsa. You can check out our website at MLK to meet the rest of our office members and see a little bit more about our doctors or just go ahead and give us a call at 918-742-9810 in order to schedule an appointment today. Our team is more than willing and ready to assist your child in the beginning of their oral hygiene career.