Tulsa Kids Dentist | Your Child Will Not Stop Smiling

Are you looking for Tulsa kids dentist will look no farther for the best. A kids dentist than right here at the M L and K dentistry where we specialize in pediatric care in the Tulsa area and have been doing so for over 32 years. So if you want to find the best Tulsa kids dentist then you want to look right here at M L and K dentistry. Now you can find them in Tulsa at 29 30 Pittsburgh Avenue. Or you can go to their great Web site at MLK dot com and see all the different services they have it’s pretty it’s very well laid out. You can look at the About Us tab there’s a number of different great things that we offer such as the meet the doctors and meet the office teams team little section which really is one of my favorites because you know one thing I know when I take my kids somewhere to get any type of care whether it be you know healthcare dental care or whatever it is they they you you always have a little more peace of mind knowing who the doctor is that you’re taking them to.
And that’s that’s really what they have here on the Web site you really get a chance to see not just what they’re qualified to do in the area of dental arts but also who they are outside of the dental smock that they wear at work and what kind of people that they are in their home life with their children so they also have great videos on there so you can just watch the video and kind of get a chance to like see them talking and that’s really nice too. So I think the fact that they put so much in the open here on the website really speaks to the fact they don’t have anything to hide. They are just simply passionate about getting better smiles to children in Tulsa and creating good dental habits that will improve oral hygiene through through time. And you know that is really what we’re set to do is just build stronger healthier better smiles on the community here in the Tulsa children. You know in this area. So when you’re wanting to find the best Tulsa kids dentist you want to come to the leader in Tulsa kids dentist re at. Moral lie in Kettleman. So please check us out. We’d love to have you stop by and see the great Tulsa kids dentist that we have right here on site. Three of those they’re moral lie in Kellerman as well as our wonderful hygienists so we can’t say enough about our office team because you know yes we do work on the teeth but a lot of times the people that make your children feel better about the experience than what they had going on here is simply our office staff our front desk ladies our dental hygiene as they come and help us you know. Offer these services to you.
Those are the people that count the they’re the ones that the kids remember just as much as the doctor or you know so whenever you get a chance please check us out online at industry dot com so you can see why everyone is raving about the great services that we offer right here in Tulsa at in OK dentistry and why there’s no better place to look than right here and no better time to do it than right now with free until 3 program. Any one of your children that are under the age of three is going to receive free checkups any time they come in. To help prevent any type of decay from happening at a young age and so on that further when that first tooth comes in about six 12 months you want to start that service about right then. Because really as soon as they have teeth you want to start that proper oral care that way in the future. They haven’t had time for a decade to set in or anything when the real teeth come in later. So please check us out at.