Morrow Lai and Kitterman Pediatric Dentistry is The Best Kids Dentists Tulsa Has to Offer. This is because we have the most amazing dentists in the industry. They love working with kids and they love working in the field that they do. Pediatric dentistry is there passion and they want to help make sure that your children’s oral hygiene is well-maintained and that they had the brightest smiles ever. And make sure that you, the parent, has peace of mind whenever you bring them to their appointment with us by making sure it that we are treating you and your child with respect and being very welcoming whenever you come in.

We want to make sure that you as a peer and love bringing your child here to Morrow Lai and Kitterman Pediatric Dentistry The Best Kids Dentists Tulsa Has to Offer. We understand that a child’s first visit to the dentist should be enjoyable and positive and that is the goal that we want to meet any time a child comes in for their appointment. Our goal here is to create happy and healthy smiles for children and we want patients to understand that oral health is important. We even show children how to take care of their oral health and we demonstrate to them how they should take care of their teeth and their gums so that the next time that they come in they will still have healthy teeth. This is exactly where you will find the best kids dentists Tulsa has to offer because there’s no other dentist office that takes care of kids the way that we do.

With over 70 years of combined experience our doctors are more than capable of being able to provide you and your child with The Best Kids Dentists Tulsa Has to Offer services compared to any other dentist office in Tulsa. All of our dentists are specialize in pediatric dentistry and we always have fun with working with children. We make sure that we always keep our environment comfortable and lighthearted for anyone who walks in so that way everyone is calm and not anxious about their appointment with us. For anyone who possibly does have any fears about dental care we do have a therapy pet in-house that will help release some of the anxiety that you may have about your appointment. Lots of kids the therapy pet and it does actually improve their calmness whenever they go in for their appointment.

Lots of our parents love the fact that we charge 10% less than average pediatric dentist office does. We love helping parents save money whenever they bring in their children so it definitely take some of the strain off of having to pay for dentist appointments because we do know that they can be quite expensive especially if you have more than one child that you have to bring in for their appointment. Want to help you in any way that we can empathize with the best services whenever you come in.

If you want to come into the best kids dentists Tulsa has to offer here at Morrow Lai and Kitterman Pediatric Dentistry and we would love to have you. Make an appointment by calling us at 918.742.9810 and we will help scheduling an appointment or feel free to fill out our contact card on our website at to schedule an appointment too.