With The best kids dentists Tulsa has to offer Will be able to give you the rest and will serve you and your family. We will be sure that you will be enjoying your visit in a calming environment. will be able to deliver you at the best okay. We haven’t been serving our community with a comfortable and light-hearted environment for 32 years in our house. You’ll be able to Walk into our office knowing you are getting the best dental care. Your kids will be in the best care with exceptional professionalism that will be able to I hope your children and teach your children about Oral Care.

We have 17 years of combined Dentures tree experience and we will save money in your pockets. With our free until 3 we have exams with fluoride treatments for anybody under the age of 3 for free. We have 10% less than average fees than any other dentist. And we have a therapy pet in the office who will be able to sit with you and your child if there is anxiety present. There will be a photo booth coming soon I just adding more things for your kids to enjoy while waiting to be seen by The best kids dentists Tulsa has to offer.

We are here to make a difference, our goal is to make sure that your children are already taking care of their teeth and that they have a great smile. Taking care of your teeth at a young age is when you should start. It doesn’t matter what age you are it is important to go for regular checkups. You’ll be able to get educated about dental health. We will be able to answer all of your questions with our professionalism and experience. we are here to give you the best experience when it comes to Children’s Dentistry. We want your children to feel safe and comfortable when our office.

Our light-hearted and laid-back atmosphere will be able to give your kids the best experience while easing the parents into knowing that this is a fun place where the kids can play. While getting The best kids dentists Tulsa has to offer. We are kid-friendly and we will show techniques and tools that will be able to help your child get through all of their behavioral issues if they have fears of the dentist. Starting your child off on the right Road in dental health is very important. Protecting their baby teeth is important when it comes to their adult teeth coming in. They’ll be able to know from a young age that taking care of your teeth is very important. And the school overlaps with their adult years. Regular check-ups are very important and it’s part of my training that you are helping you smile no matter what age you are. Seeing a dentist on a regular basis will help you keep your teeth and gums healthy.

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