If you were looking for the best kids dentists Tulsa has to offer then MLK Dentistry is definitely the choice for you. You are going to notice a very big difference the second you step into the MLK Dentistry practice. We are different from the typical pediatric dentistry office because we care about quality. It is not enough just to get regular check ups, but we also still have healthy habits and your child so they can achieve the goal of exhibiting optimal dental hygiene health.

You can keep looking for the best kids dentist Tulsa has to offer, but if you have found your way to this webpage then you have already found it. MLK Dentistry strives to be the top of the industry, and we have accomplished exactly that. We are the highest rated and most reviewed dental practice in America. That is an honor that we did not take lightly, we diligently seek to instill habits in every single child that comes to our practice, so they can continue improving their dental hygiene, even when they’re not here.

The best kids dentist Tulsa has to offer is on Pittsburgh Street in Tulsa. That place happens to be MLK Dentistry . You are absolutely gonna love the results that you get whenever you work with MLK Dentistry . In addition to providing regular check ups and having a cool offer such as sedation dentistry, we also look to instill positive habits, and every single youth that comes to our office. This will help your child maintain positive dental hygiene in between visits, as well as during the visit themselves. These habits will develop in to a routine and help your child avoid decay. Are you ready to have a good time with our business?

In addition to all the other services we offer we highly recommend you check out the website. If you visit the homepage and click on the drop-down menu, pediatric dentistry, you’ll see all the different services we offer. We do have regular check ups to make sure your child is maintaining their hygiene and dental health. We also offer sedation dentistry, because we want the tricky surgeries to be comfortable. We have an in-house sedation expert that will help you with everything you need to know, this also helps reduce cost. We want to save you money and make your childs smile happy and healthy at the same time, find out how at MLK Dentistry.

To get scheduled you need to visit www.mlkdentistry.com or call 918-742-9810 so we can get you on the books. Our schedule is absolutely slammed right now because of how well reviewed and highroad we are. But if you call us, we will treat you as if you are the only client. In addition, we know that you have decided to trust us with your child dentistry and we don’t take that commitment lightly. You are going to be getting the best quality in the best customer service you can find anywhere and Tulsa.