Peddie research at first the sapulpa pediatric dentist offices near you for your child? MLK is a pediatric is off his that has been highly rated and reviewed. Check out our reviews on Google or feel free to visit our website as well. We are the highest and most reviewed pediatric dental practice that there is in America. We have been able to service that many church of the course of 32 years that it is phenomenal. We have positive reviews for decades of children who still have healthy teeth today. We teach your child how to take care of their teeth and be accountable for the condition of their teeth at a young age.

If you’re going to be a new patient at our sapulpa pediatric dentist location and make sure that you come a little bit early to your appointment. We want make sure that our patients have the respect of getting into their appointment on Friday being able to leave quickly. We understand you have jobs and that many of you children are school. We want to be respectful about our patients time and treated well when it equal consideration. For this reason we would ask you show up a little bit early so that you can fill out a new patient forms. Our new patient function be able to be filled out within 5 to 15 minutes total.

Are you wonder why do you need to fill out a new patient forms? The reason why we feel our new patient forms because it there are important documents that allow us to be able to do work on your child’s mouth. In order for us to be able to perform any claims, medical procedures, or the future sedation we would need to have authorization from you. For certain dental procedures like sedation and surgery we will have additional forms that will be signed at the time of the procedure. However, there are basic forms that we need for every single child allowed us to medically treat them. These are documents they get sent to your insurance to show that we are properly managing our company according to the guidelines and regulations. So visit our Sapulpa pediatric dentist location today. We will take good care of you.
Visit our website today. There so much that we would like to show you.

You are able to explore our history. This allows you to know exactly what we originate from and how long we have been in service. We are always providing are patients parents who read information about our company as a whole. While your own to take some time out to look at our pediatric dentistry medications and services. We do not want to be strangers see you. We want you to know us and feel comfortable and confident in our dentist relationship.

Check out all of our testimonials of parents and children who have been positively affected by our dental care. We are so excited to be able to meet you and your little one. Schedule appointment with us today on our website by going to If you have some questions that need to be answered that you are free to give us a call. We are very informative and will be happy to answer them for you. You can reach out to our office by calling 918-742-9810 today.