Sapulpa Pediatric Dentist Is a pediatric dental office that specializes in treating minor patients. We’ve been rated five stars for being one of the most experienced and highly reviewed Pediatric dental offices in America. We provide a way to make dental hygiene fun for children. The ML & K difference is a quality experience you’ll get by working with us. We spend all our hours giving happy and healthy smiles to all children. We do this with a team of specialized dentists that have been in this business for over 32 years and are board certified. Our team loves working with children and are here to give them the best care, so that they won’t be afraid of Dentists but they will have fun when getting their teeth cleaned.

Our variety of specialty abilities is what helps set us apart from normal pediatric dentistry and orthodontics practices in the Oklahoma area. Sapulpa Pediatric Dentist Gives you seventy years of pediatric dentistry experience combined with all of our positions here. That is seven decades of expertise, combining all of our technicians, Dentist, and trained assistance careers. Compared to the average office in your dental industry they range in 20 to 25 years of experience in dentistry. We double that level and give you experience. It is unmatched. I’ll qualify apart from all the other offices and practices. With our three board-certified Dentist on our team we’re giving you high quality care from skilled physicians

Compared to other average competing dentist offices, we offer 10% less than average on our dental and medical fees. Sapulpa Pediatric Dentist I’ll be giving a great quality service with tons of experience and qualifications as well as making it very affordable. We have many guys in Stasia over $6000 on your medical bill. This makes it incredibly affordable for you to get treated with anesthesia for any orthodontic surgery for your children. We understand the medical bills can pile up easily, Wanna make sure that we are not contributing to that. All of our services are 10% less and $6000 below because of typical medical treatment centers anesthesia costs.

We have three exams, treatments, as well as free fluoride for anybody under the age of three that is one of our patients. We offer this to our patients that are younger as they Need during the treatments. We do this and that we can give you more value that is above other dental offices. We got extra for you and give you $120 worth of these for your exams per visit. So your patient will be getting three treatments until they’re three years old. With all of this experience of 70 years, $6000 in savings, and three board-certified Dentist we are the best choice for you and your family.

You can get in touch with us by calling a number at 918.742.9810 or go online to read our website and more of our benefits and values that we bring to you by being one of our incredible patients that you can find listed online at what is take care of you and give you an experience unlike any other dental offices.