If you are looking for an amazing Sand Springs Pediatric Dentist for your children then we are going to be your go to dentistry. We have changed thousands of children’s lives and perspectives on dentistry, which is our goal. Many children go to regular dentists and are terrified which can cause ptsd. It is important that you send your child to a dentist that specializes in children, so you can get trained professionals who are more child oriented. regular dentists are not used to dealing with children and can treat them like an adult which can scare them away from future dentist visits.

We are the top rated and most reviewed Sand Springs Pediatric Dentist in the area. This is why we continue satisfying our clients and providing good services to the children. We know that being a parent can be difficult, and even more stressful when you cannot convince your kid to get in the car to go to the dentist office because of past events. This is why our office has implemented this safe environment for kids to be able to work on their teeth to make sure that they stay healthy. We keep our parents involved on updates during the visit.

When it comes to Sand Springs Pediatric Dentist It is our goal to keep everything as easy as possible for you, we know you have a hectic schedule and a lot going on. This is why we help you with any paperwork or any questions you might have on it. We take most major insurance companies so that you do not have to worry about payment too much when it comes to having your children’s teeth done. We also can set up appointments all together if you have more than one child so this can save you lots of time.

We want to promote your kids’ healthy teeth so we always do a giveaway twice a month for your children to get excited and to continue keeping up on brushing their teeth. When your child has good hygiene this puts them in the grand prize drawing for a bigger prize That will be conducted at the end of december. We want to get your children excited about going to the dentist and getting their teeth cleaned and keeping up with the proper care everyday. The strategy has been really efficient for our company in keeping kids to keep up with their Dental work.

We want to get you in for your first appointment today which takes about 20 to 40 minutes. call our office at 918.742.9810 you can visit our website as well at https://mlkdentistry.com/. through either one of these connections you can contact an expert representative to advise you on the steps to move forward. we will set you up with your first appointment and then go from there. We are so excited to begin this relationship with you and your family and to help your kids have better Dental hygiene And keep up on their teeth so you don’t have to.