Sand Springs pediatric dentist. 918-742-9810 for helping your kids learn some healthy oral hygiene habits about brushing and flossing preventing tooth decay as well as additional services we can provide by going and I doubt making sure your kids adopting their or hygiene habits early from an early age. Because teeth usually show up any kid between six months in a year old. So it’s best to always get in as early as possible. Right now if you have a younger kid that’s younger than three years of age they can execute a pretreatment as well as a free or fluoride treatment and this is usually an hour usually $120 value per visit.

Sand Springs pediatric dentist. We will help you can adopt great habits so that they can actually go through dolphin their childhood like to be able to make sure that they need to floss and brush their teeth in their guns. Take care of their own hygiene. So usually nearly 1 at enough when you teeter rep examine the area that every two weeks for lines and discoloration causing decay. I we recommend brushing four times a day for optimal or hygiene after breakfast after lunch dinner and at bedtime. Brushing can be fun you can make it fun for your kids so they can actually note especially when the first tooth arrives. And he was apparent when you’re first kids to the right you should actually brush the soft bristle toothbrush and it P sized amount of toothpaste. Flossing is also part of good heart-healthy hygiene habits in your doctor and your dentist should discuss this with you to when used it when he should start flushing. So give us a call.

Here at MLK dentistry, we want to start healthy habits early so anytime you bring your kid of others their first time ever there first time in a long time you could schedule a point on the website with your name phone number email and message of how many kids you need to schedule for morning afternoon or if you have certain things that you need to dentist a look at. We can do all that for you. Also winter to win a movie experience for up to 20 people in a private theater or if you can has a really good oral hygiene appointment everything is clear they take good care of their teeth they will be entered to win a trip for the family for a trip to Disney World or Disneyland. You can go on our website on the homepage and click learn more to find out more about what this I went Ellis entailed as well.

Generally do not hesitate to start the early oral habits of your child to make sure that they’re being responsible mother T so they can always have a good eye dentist report from their dentist to back to you. Also tell us about making sure they have a pleasant non-frightening experience make sure that your kids first dental visit in treatment is a fun one. Is I we bring in our therapy dog make sure it’s a little bit more lighthearted.

Sand Springs pediatric dentist. 918-742-9810 taken to Morrow Lyon Kitterman pediatric dentistry we want to alleviate some of the fear and also give them a good time they can actually start off before they come in for their visit and have the dynamite dental fun kit where they can familiarize their set themselves with their teeth and actually look forward to their dental visit.