If you’re looking for a Sand Springs pediatric dentist to me all of your needs, you will only find them here at Morrow, Lai, and Kitterman Pediatric Dentistry. We can assure you that we are only a short few miles away from you, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We are very positive that you will not mind the drive when you see the amazing experience that you and your family will have with our services. We specialize in pediatric dentistry, but we are also able to provide regular checkups for any age, and sedation dentistry for our patients. We truly specialize in providing amazing services and want to make sure that each and every family and child feels welcome and comfortable in our office.

Our Sand Springs pediatric dentist specializes in providing many different service options for our patients. For children, we will do basic checkups to make sure that their teeth are growing as normal. We want to make sure that the teeth and gums are being brushed on a regular basis. We will teach your children the importance of brushing the teeth and even flossing. It is very important to bring your child to the dentist so that they can get the proper teaching that they need. We will also show them the consequences of not brushing, such as cavities and other infections. It is important that a child know what can happen if they do not brush their teeth regularly, to help prevent future messages and expenses.

Our Sand Springs pediatric dentist also offers regular checkups for visitors of all ages. During your regular checkup, we will check all of your teeth, and provide a cleaning service. We might take occasional x-rays to make sure that everything is going correctly. We want to make sure that you are visiting the dentist on a regular basis, every six months, so that your gums and teeth remain healthy in your file remains bright. If you ever have any toothaches or discomfort in your mouth, we want you to let us know immediately so we can get it checked out as soon as possible. It is always best to catch things early to prevent a further headache or expense later.

We can assure you that our amazing company is able to provide the absolute best care for children and families. If anyone in your family, or your children or adults, is nervous or anxious about visiting the dentist, we offer sedation dentistry. We want to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable which is why we offer this amazing service thanks to technology. If this is something you are interested in, make sure that you mention it when you are setting up your appointment.

Please give us a call at 918-742-9810 if you’re interested in making your first appointment with us. We can assure you that you and your children will not regret switching to our amazing company. We can assure you that you will have the best experience that you’ve ever had a dentist office. Visit our website, mlkdentistry.com, for more information on how to become one of our amazing patients.