If your family is in need of a Sand Springs Pediatric Dentist then MLK Dentistry will be the place for you and all your teeth health needs. Our goal is to create happy, healthy smiles for children and families in the area. We focus on making an enjoyable atmosphere for family and children to receive the best dentistry work. We will be there for you every step of the way for your teeth needs. We have been caring for our community’s children in our lighthearted environment for over thirty two years, and our experience shows. 


When it comes to the best Sand Springs Pediatric Dentist we are here to give your children the best dentistry care possible. We are always dedicated to ensuring our families are comfortable and getting the best care possible. We are proud to be rated America’s highest rated and most reviewed dental pediatric practice, we are here for all of your dentistry needs. We can give your kids the best possible care here with our highly skilled team who are dedicated to your children’s best interest at heart. Our team truly cares about making sure your children are having the best teeth possible with all the best health. 


Our team wants to offer you Sand Springs Pediatric Dentist for your family to get the best teeth health. We want to make sure your family is being given the best possible teeth care. We even offer the children an option to brush their way to disney. If your child or children has great oral hygiene within their appointment we will enter their name in a special drawing. They will have the chance to win a big trip to Disney World or Disneyland. We want to give your kids the chance of a lifetime for great hygiene. We want to make it fun for the kids! 


When it comes to our office team all of our staff members have your best interest at heart one hundred percent of the time. All of our dentists are specialized in pediatric dentistry and have the most fun working with families. We give families and their children the peace of mind knowing we will make the experience of going to the dentist as easy and pain free as possible. This includes all trained dentists and our team who will always utilize behavior management techniques for your family. We want to make sure the children are aware of the dental setting. This process is used with verbal communication and positive feedback. 


Our MLK Dentistry practice is very passionate about making sure your children and family are going to be getting the best possible dentistry care for healthy teeth. Our team wants to give your kids a comfortable and lighthearted place to come get teeth care. If you want to speak with our team about getting your first scheduled appointment with us you can call our team representative by calling 918-742-9810 or for more information about our company visit our website at mlkdentistry.com! We’re here to give you the best teeth care possible for your family!