The best Sand Springs pediatric dentist available is in Tulsa. That is because a trip from Sand Springs to Tulsa is worth it to experience the highest rated most reviewed pediatric dental service available. We are excited for you to meet our front office staff. Included in that group is Vicky who is our front office assistant. She has been a part of the team since 1997 and she is likely the voice you were here when you called to confirm your appointment.

The best Sand Springs pediatric dentist available is MLK Dentistry . In addition to her schedule and duties, Vicky also schedules appointments and follows up on insurance in response to emergency calls. She loves working with kids and it makes her day for surprises. After Vicky, we have Whitney who is a registered dental hygienist. She has been with Time since 2009 and she specializes in polishing teeth, taking x-rays and placing sealant. She believes in developing a strong foundation for dental care at a young age. We are located in Tulsa on 29th and Pittsburgh. We know that that is not Sand Springs, but it is well worth a road trip to experience the most Premier pediatric dental practice. You were going to love every second you experience MLK Dentistry and you wanna keep coming back time and time again. We also hope that your child will want to come back as well, that is why we make it a mirror experience so they will want to come back and practice healthy hygiene and dental habits.

If you were looking for the best, Sand Springs pediatric dentist available, MLK Dentistry is a choice for you. You’ve met most of the office team on our page, but after Whitney, you need to meet Shirley. She is a pediatric dental assistant and she has been with the team since 1994. She loves making the patients feel comfortable so they will want to continue to come back. This is a key difference when you work with MLK Dentistry that you will not get anywhere else.

After Whitney and Shirley the next person you would meet is Melissa. She is a pediatric dental assistant. She has a sister, doctors and is polishing teeth, taking impressions and doing x-rays. She also helps in the office wherever is needed. At the end of the day anybody that works at MLK Dentistry also specializes in working directly with the kids and making them smile. All in all MLK Dentistry is a special team that works very well together. You will need to come to us and discover the way it is working.

To meet the team, visit or call 918-742-9810 to get your appointment scheduled. We are America’s highest rated English. Reviewed pediatric dental practice and you’ll love every experience you have with us. We are excited for you to meet the team and we know your child is as well. We know after they meet the team they will want to keep coming back long into the future.