As parents or Guardians we all want the best for our children and search for the highest rated Pediatric Dentists Tulsa long before they are even born. If this sounds like you then go ahead and stick around for the rest of the article as I explain what makes Morrow, LAI And Kitterman Pediatric Dentistry the best in Tulsa. One of the main differences between us and other Pediatric Dentistry offices is that we provide free dental examinations for your child up until the third birth date. We want to help provide you and your child with the best start at life in a good smile so go ahead and allow us to provide these absolutely necessary services to you free of cost up until their third birthday.

Here at Morrow, LAI And Kitterman Pediatric Dentistry our doctors try to provide the best care possible for you and your child and love to work with children of all ages and walks of life which is what makes our Pediatric Dentists Tulsa the best ones around! Our dentists are extremely well-trained and knowledgeable in the setting of a pediatric office. This makes the experience for your child absolutely pain-free and as easy as possible. One method that our doctors Utilize is referred to as the tell-show-do which is supposed to help a child familiarize themselves with the general setting of a dentist office as it is definitely something new to them. This method includes subjective Behavior both verbal nonverbal and positive reinforcement.

We would love for you to meet all of our Pediatric Dentists Tulsa that we have in office at the moment. Dr. Mark Morrow, Dr. April Lai, and Dr. Kerry Kitterman Are our wonderful pediatric dentists that are more than prepared to offer you and your child an excellent experience at the dentist today. Now our doctors don’t just have a wonderful attitude, we have amazing equipment that is high tech and New Age continuously updating to stay within standard requirements. With this comes excellent medical care including our nitrous oxide which is extremely safe and effective at helping a child relax during their visit and increase communication. General anesthesia is also offered in house by our certified anesthesiologist.

MLK Dentistry should be your first stop for a pediatric dentist in order to begin your child’s life with a good start in dental health. One last super fun thing regarding MLK Dentistry is that if your child has more than perfect hygiene at their appointment their name is going to be placed in a drawing for an epic chance to win a trip to Disney World. That is truly one of the reasons that makes us unique from the rest of the pediatric dentists here in Tulsa.

If you’re still not convinced that MLK Pediatric Dentistry is the place for you and your little one go ahead and check out our website and meet our staff, review are helpful information regarding sedation dentistry, and check out our Blog to see what exactly separates us from the rest of the pediatric dentists in this wonderful City. Of course we are more than happy to answer our phones To schedule an appointment with you today at 918-742-981- or you can schedule that appointment at our website.