ML&K Pediatric Dentists Tulsa is America’s highest rated and most reviewed pediatric dentistry in America. Their mission is to create happy and healthy smiles. They have over 32 years of experience, creating a comfortable and easy, feel environment for children. They offer a no-brainer offer that is free until three which is valued at $120 per visit. They are a part of the American Dental Association and promise to make your experience for your child, and all of his patients comfortable and easy going. We have MLK differences that we are proud of.

Who are the doctors at ML&K Pediatric Dentists Tulsa well Dr. Kitterman is a pediatric dentist and a mom. She treats her patients like they are her own kids. Her treatment is based on the individual interaction she has with children she knows that not everyone has the same comfort zones. She is mindful of their anxiety levels. She has a bachelor of science from the University of Oklahoma College of dentistry, she has a doctor of dental surgery from the University of Oklahoma College of dentistry, she also has a pediatric residency from the medical college of Georgia school of dentistry, and she is a board-certified pediatric dentist. She continues her education by going to seminars by the American Academy of pediatric dentists.

What other associations does ML&K Pediatric Dentists Tulsa have? Dr. Kerman also has a professional Association of the American Academy of pediatric dentistry, the American dental Association, the Southwest Society of pediatric dentists, Oklahoma dental, assistants association, and the Tulsa county dental society. She has received special recognition from the American Board of pediatric dentistry, she was a part of the Oklahoma college of dentistry, senior pediatric honors program, and she was a chief resident, senior year, pediatric residency. She has been with this practice for over a decade. She is a mother to seven children and a huge great Dane.

At ML&K pediatric dentistry we give the patients and their parents a peace of mind. They know that we can make this experience of going to the dentist pain-free and as easy and comfortable as possible. We do this by having a staff of experienced dentists, a team of professionals, who always utilize the kid to help make your child feel comfortable. We offer general anesthesia, conveniently from the office with a board-certified anesthesiologist. We also offer nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, which is an extremely safe and effective way to calm a child’s fear of the dentist.

Check us out online at or contact our office to schedule an appointment with any of our amazing dentist, you can find out more about the team, learn more about the doctors, view, client testimonials, get more information on brush your way to Disney, and more. Call us today at 9187429810 to experience America’s highest rated and most reviewed pediatric dental practice. You can call us to find out more information on our free before three no brainer offer. If your child practices grieve, horrible habits, then they get a chance to enter into the brush your way to Disney.