MLK truly provides some of the most fun Dental staff possible and that is why you should look no further for a Pediatric Dentists Near Me than MLK Pediatric Dentistry practice. our doctors, Dr. Morrow, Dr. Lai, and Dr. Kitterman, Are determined to provide you the best possible outcome for your kids oral hygiene. our doctors truly care about the lifetime outcome that could be your kiddo smile and put everything in their power to put in place preventative care measures to avoid any future causes for frustration when attending the dentist office. Along with our doctors, our office team is also a very strong factor in creating the proper environment for your kiddo to grow and become comfortable.

If you ever hear that your family and friends are in search of Pediatric Dentists Near Me you should definitely send them on over to MLK Pediatric Dentistry as our team along with doctors are more than prepared to provide you with the best possible medical assistance that can be found in pediatric dental medicine nearby. however do not forget about our office team such as Rhonda who is our business coordinator. Rhonda enjoys experiencing the change that can physically be seen and verbally heard from parents and patients.

In recognizing our amazing staff we have Margaret who is a marketing coordinator. She is the reason we are known as one of the best Pediatric Dentists Near Me and is a main reason our name is out in the world for parents like you to be able to find. Because of Margaret we are able to provide schools with in person presentations that go over hygiene and important information to digest at a young age. Our front-facing team members are an extremely important part of our office because they are the ones who help parents feel comfortable, which is just as important as the kids. If the parents trust our doctors to uphold the best medical care possible then our patients will feel safe as well.

to meet more of our team staff you can definitely check them out on our website We have plenty of Staff members that we do appreciate and show our patients the respect and joy that can be their dentist appointment. We truly appreciate all of our staff and they love to help the kids and families just as much as our doctors do. One last section of members I want to mention is our dental assistants who are definitely one of the first facing members our kids see and a very important part of our team, we could not make it without them and they lead the way for our patients comfort.

If you’re interested in setting up an appointment today, go ahead and give us a call at 918-742-9810 or visit our website and schedule an appointment via our submission form. All you need is your name, a phone number, email, and any suggestive information needed. you can find our team members on our website as well under about and ‘meet the office team’!