Pediatric Dentists Near Me | Geared Toward Your Child

Why did we make the services available at Morrow, Lai, & Kitterman Pediatric Dentistry? We did so because we want to make certain that you have access to pediatric dentists near me that would take proper care of your child and make certain to avoid all sorts of traumatic experiences that can lead it to anxiety associated with that this office. Too many dentist office out there are too concerned with getting the job done in any way possible, even if means compromising the mental health of the child in question. We are not like that. We’re here to make certain that the job gets done right and that your child is always treated with one, compassion, and kindness. From the very beginning, we are going to make certain that your child is the experience is needed in order to have positive connotations with oral health so they can build the habits needed in order to have a healthy mouth for the rest of their lives.

How do we make certain that the care from our pediatric dentists near me is to compatible with taking care of children’s mental health? We start by making certain that they have the ability to get their dental work done in office that is welcoming and calm. We also make certain that all of our workers are kind and considerate towards the children. Additionally, we have a therapy pet to help make the atmosphere more peaceful, and we have the nation therapies available when absolutely necessary. We also have several different levels of the station therapy, from conscious sedation to general anesthesia. We will make certain to have a level that works for what is needed and never go above what is actually necessary. Our anesthesiologist is licensed and very experienced can trust that you are going to always give the best care possible for your child.

We also want to make certain that you have access to pediatric dentists near me that are affordable. Therefore, we have a commitment to be at least 10% less expensive than the majority of pediatric dentist clinics in the Tulsa area. That way, you can rest sure that you are not only going to be getting quality experiences with the dentist at our office but that you also be getting an experience that allows you to save money.

Another way that we help save money is by giving you the opportunity to bring your child in for re-examination if they are under three years old. This will give you the opportunity to learn more about helping with your child’s oral health and give your child the opportunity to start learning about the benefits of oral health from the very beginning of their lives. Habits established in children under the age of three are much more likely to last throughout their lives, so start early.

Give us a call today (918) 742-9810 or visit our website,, for more information about how we can help you with all of your child’s pediatric needs. You can also visit us at our location at 2900 S. Pittsburg Ave. We look forward to working with you.