Pediatric Dentistry Tulsa | Why Did We Start the Business?

When we started this business back in the day we knew that there was a wide variety and a huge pool choices when people were wondering about Pediatric Dentistry Tulsa. But Congress I need and we saw certain things that were missing that we could bring to the table in order to make it a little bit of a better environment and to really build to take care of the community in a way that makes them feel like they are not only very close to us but they feel like family. The first thing that we do before we do anything as we put the patient in a calm place with zero anxiety.

We wanted to be Pediatric Dentistry Tulsa, but not one of those places that just had a business mind, we really want to show people love and how much we care for them. We knew that it would be our goal to actually run a business but more importantly would be our goal to have an incredible mission statement while the same time having an incredible mission. We really believe that if you’re just making money and your customers/patients are not happy then you’re really doing it for no reason at all. This is a business we have to be selfless and really listen to patients.

Another reason we became Pediatric Dentistry Tulsa is because we want to give back to our community and to serve them. Not only do we do our standard appointments but we do a lot of things that are above and beyond in order to help the children to understand how important it is to have great health in the mouth in great health overall for the whole body. We do a wonderful job of making them feel extremely calm and we also aid them in many ways by helping their communication skills on many different levels.

We did notice some other businesses/offices for taking some of is ideals and doing them the right way, sticking to some core values, but most places were not doing all of them. Many different dental practices were just doing one or two days, but want to be a place that was set apart and was different. We are almost like three different dental offices rolled into one because we have three different dentists. This gives many advantages that you could not otherwise have anywhere else in green country.

We really wanted to start a business where we could give the child responsibility for maintaining their overall health and feeling a sense of pride when they did so.
Up to the point parents were not intelligence any more about it for a certificate took on that responsibility themselves. The stitches a lot of other life skills that people might not even realize the very beginning. The amazing thing is a lot of these kids adapt and bear it to learn. They even begin to love it after a while and then ends up being a positive experience overall for everybody.