When looking for Pediatric Dentistry Tulsa you may be wondering what the exact process is for Sedation and your child’s needs or abilities to be put under said sedation. Our care team is more than willing to help you understand exactly what that entails and the types of sedatives that are most commonly found in Pediatric Dentistry or dentistry in general. We want to help you feel comfortable and sedation can definitely play a part in that if you have a high fear of dental care or you have a traumatic dental experience. General anesthesia is also a form, which MLK Dentistry does provide general anesthesia in house.

MLK Dentistry Stripes to provide the best Pediatric Dentistry Tulsa has to offer and by doing that Our office is able to provide you two common types of sedation which is oral Conscious Sedation and inhalation sedation as well as general anesthesia in house. Thankfully general anesthesia is able to be given in house by a certified anesthesiologist thanks to ambulatory Anesthesia Associates. General anesthesia can definitely help treat children that are younger in age that may be suffering from high anxiety when attending their treatments or they possibly need restorative surgeries or multiple visits that Insight the need for general anesthesia.

Outside of general anesthesia oral Conscious Sedation is one of the most popular types of sedation seen in Pediatric Dentistry Tulsa. This entails the sedation that puts yourself or your child within a very deep relaxation but you are still conscious throughout it all. This is typically via an oral medication specifically for Pediatric patients and once it is in effect you are still able to communicate with your doctor externally but your body will be at a severe state of relaxation. Again this type of sedation can benefit patients if they experience certain issues during their previous visits such as high anxiety, fears of needles or previous traumatic experiences.

The last type of sedation that we offer is in relation to sedation which uses nitrous oxide and oxygen also known as Laughing Gas. Now this is similar to oral Conscious Sedation as your body will be in a fully relaxed state. This is more commonly known it’s seen throughout pediatric offices than the previously spoken about sedation method but it is effective and used for the same general issues as previously described such as anxiety or post traumatic stress due to a previous visit.

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