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If you are looking for Pediatric Dentistry Tulsa then you absolutely must give us a call or visit our website at MLK Dentistry. We look forward to providing you with all the Pediatric Dentistry needs that you may have. We will provide amazing services and ongoing Educational Tools to keep your dental hygiene in check during visits and in between them. We have some of the most amazing dentist that the Tulsa area has to offer and they are trained in behavior management techniques to help your child not only get great dental hygiene and care but also learn to provide this dental hygiene for themselves.

Pediatric Dentistry Tulsa is not a complicated choice for you. We make it easy at MLK Dentistry by providing all of the services in house. That’s right you can get anesthesia provided by our partners at ambulatory Anesthesia Associates in house, this reduces the need for trips to hospitals saving you time and money. In addition to our general anesthesia options for the more severe cases, as well as traumatic experiences, we also provide conscious surgery options as well so your child can stay awake but in a relaxed state to keep them pain free and anxiety free.

Pediatric Dentistry Tulsa has one leader in the Tulsa area, that MLK Dentistry. Among the reasons why we are at the top of the here in Tulsa is there an exceptional services that are fulfilled by some of the most amazing and skillful dentists in the area. You will be greeted by an absolutely amazing front office team as well so we want to make your experience as great as possible not just the actual service but the entire experience. We provide all of our forms for you online so you can have them ready to go at check-in eliminating unnecessary time and way.

We cannot wait for you to come in and meet our amazing front office team, ready to help you. We will always have some of the best dentists and friendliest front office staff available in the Tulsa area. You need to call us today to schedule your first appointment. As promised to on our website your first two visits are free these visits are valued at $120. You will also be provided a ton of Education to bring back home to build healthy habits. We absolutely guarantee you will be thoroughly impressed by our service and our team of amazing professionals.

So give us a call today at 918-742-9810. You can also visit our website at While there you can meet the team of amazing dinner and front-office staff that we will greet you upon your arrival. We are America’s highest and most reviewed pediatric dental practice and look forward to serving all the Pediatric Dentistry needs in the Tulsa area. Only with us will you get a combination of amazing service, top-of-the-line products and ongoing education to provide you with the tools you need to keep the dental hygiene going at home, not just at your 6-month visit.