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Are you wanting to find the best pediatric dentistry Tulsa has to offer. Well then come down and see the pediatric dentistry specialist. That pediatric Tulsa specialists right here at Morell lie and Fetterman Guterman where you can see the About Us page and look at the MLK difference and also the Office team which is a great way to see some of the secretaries and business coordinators such as Rhonda Robbins and Rene Whitchurch and see a little bit about them and who they are as people. You know Jessica Taylor who is our patient social media coordinator which does a lot of social media things online says hey Her name is Jessica and she’s the first friendly face you’ll see when you visit the office. She has multiple duties such as greeting incoming patients families and updating accounts and for insurance information. She’s also our social media coordinator. Be sure to LIKE our Facebook page and share your experience with us there on Facebook so you do have a facebook please check us out there. You know and put your story on that’s how we get a lot of the reviews and see. Share your experience there are people I have lived in Tulsa for a little over a year and absolutely love it. I’m in my spare time and always be in touch with my family and friends and running. Yoga and traveling. So those are her some of her favorite things to do here.
Jessica Taylor Mandy bass is also our scheduling coordinator and she says that she works of warming many different duties such as scheduling appointments verifying insurance and answering any questions and concerns you may have although she primarily works with parents. She loves to interact with the children and see their smiling faces as they run through the front door. She’s also a dental assistant so she is knowledgeable on backoffice procedures as well which is great to have for a scheduling coordinator because they really understand how long something is going to take. When they schedule you for something they know you know what it what time you’re going to be looking at. Pediatric Dentistry Tulsa. She likes the same thing hanging out with her friends and family doing yoga jogging. So. You know. The best thing I think. For you to see here is that these people are all family oriented. I mean Vicki Holloway our front office assistant says that her want to have everything to do with just watching her kids play sports and hanging out with her family. You know the favorite thing to do for Whitney Bingham is is watching you know her favorite shows with her family on TV. So you know these are like everybody in here is doing. They love to spend time with their family. And I think that is so directive of what we do here and who we are and why pediatric nursery in Tulsa has never been made easier than it is right now.
Because really we are the leading pediatric specialists and we would love to show you why pediatric recalls that can be easier than it is than it ever has been right now by the one click system that we have you just go right on here.
You ever mation and click once to schedule and it is scheduled right now. You can also call us at 9 1 8 742 98 10 or go to the MLK dentistry dot com Web site and see why pediatric dentistry Tulsa is our number one. Priority and our number one skill and we have been doing it for so long now.
We really have a great understanding of how it works and how we can best serve these children here in Tulsa so please. Instead of waiting any longer to find where you want to bring your kids for dentistry purposes please bring them right now to the 29:13 Pittsburgh Avenue address at.
Tulsa office at MLK Tennessee dot com and see why everyone is loving us here. And while your kids can gain a better smile and better hygiene practices for the future by just simply coming in and learning from our specialists here that I’ve been well educated for over thirty two years in the field and even meeting our front office assistants showing you know them showing you just why we’re so special and why we feel you’re special as well.