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Do you want to find the leaders in pediatric Tulsa Well the leaders in pediatric dentistry Tulsa are definitely the specialists here at M K dot com such as are great.
Doctors here and you can see the meet the doctors section here online and find a little more about then you can also go online here and see the meet the Office team section which gives you a great look into the people that also work here like the pediatric assistants Legion bad and who says that you know she is assistant chairside dental treatments. She takes x rays places ceiling’s polish and floss. She takes impressions and most of all educates children and parents on the importance of good health. She absolutely loves being able to work with children and walk them through. Each procedure making sure they understand how and why coming to the dentist is so important to them. Her worry is forming a lifelong friendship with patients and their families and that’s really what we want to do here is we want to build that pediatric dentistry Tulsa relationship with you so that when you think of PDA also you think of the leading specialist in the attic dentistry Tulsa moralizing Kettering Kellerman she is lived in Tulsa her entire life and now is live here and lives here with her husband Victor and their daughter Victoria. They have two dogs named Bella and Sammy a hermit crab and an underwater frog named swimmy. And so you can see how dedicated they are to their children their families and etcetera. And you can also see autumn zing on here the pediatric dental assistant who is assisting cleaning teeth and taking x rays applying sealants and helping patients do anything else they may need to take make their experience more positive. She loves seeing patients bright smiles and loves helping them have good oral health.
She’s originally from St. Paul Minnesota and lived in Tulsa for about two in 2007. She’s married to her husband Simon and they have four children Victoria Isabella Vincent and Malia as well as two dogs and she likes spending time with her family. So as again we go through here we see that everyone loves having. Spending time with their families and their children. And so that’s what really has driven us here is that everyone is family oriented and we really want to show you how family going we are by just showing you why we are the best pediatric dentistry Tulsa specialists and why you should waste no more time in coming down here and checking us out today. And you can call us and make an appointment over the phone at 9 1 8 7 4 to 98 10 or. Going online to MLK dentistry dot com and checking out the great moral line Kinnaman Web site. You can also schedule an appointment on there on the little scheduled appointment section on the right hand side and make that appointment today.
You can also print off all the paperwork you may need before you come in so that when you do coming you have to fill out hippo you know it you know hit the paperwork and things of that nature you’re all going to have that all done and you’re able to get going is a lot sooner. Now you can also check out the pediatric dentistry portion where you can see regular checkups and kind of what they what you can expect from a regular checkup and what they will do there that way when you do come in you know you are you know not knowing what you’re going to be expecting or what your child is to be expecting and so a lot of times children don’t have a fear of the dentist they just have a fear of the unknown so them not knowing what to expect is what makes them scared. So whenever we make them feel more comfortable and make them feel like they know what to expect. It really eases the process and makes everyone a little more relaxed when they come in to get the dental care right here in our offices because they know that they’re going to receive the best care possible in Tulsa by simply calling and making an appointment today at the 9 1 8 7 2 7 4 to 98 and or coming in person to 29 30 Pittsburgh Avenue right here in Tulsa. So if you and I had a chance to see us please come down and see us today and find out why everyone is raving about the great services they received right here in LNKD industry.