Here at Morrow, Lai, and Kitterman pediatric dentistry in Tulsa, we care about preventing tooth decay! Who wants tooth decay? Certainly not you. Who wants their child to have tooth decay? Again, I’m guessing the answer would not be yourself. If your child develops tooth decay at a young age, chances are they will not look forward to meeting with their dentist at a later time. At our dentist office we want to ensure that every child has a love and a passion for good dental hygiene. Make sure to adopt healthy dental hygiene practices to prevent tooth decay that is happening in your child’s future.

Pediatric dentistry in Tulsa wants to know what causes tooth decay? Sugar left over and not cleaned Away by good dental hygiene practices. This sugar turns into acid that starts to break down your tooth enamel. Ouch. Kids consume large amounts of sugar, so we want to best provide healthy practices to ensure that our child does not end up with tooth decay. It’s understandable that children are at such a high risk and need to be the ones to develop the best dental hygiene practices. With good brushing and flossing practices you can keep tooth decay at bay, but still be sure to schedule your check up appointments to have a professional look and double-check that there is no decay going on or there are no signs of early stages.

How do we adopt good brushing and flossing techniques at pediatric dentistry in Tulsa? There are plenty of adorable children’s videos online that could gain your child’s interest and good dental hygiene practices. Have your child come into your powder room and watch you brush and floss your own teeth. Come up with and sing encouraging songs to have them look forward to brushing and flossing. Make sure to make brushing and flossing time fun to gain the highest interest from your child for their dental health. Be sure to explain to your child they need to floss after each and every meal. And they need to at least brush once in the morning and once in the east.

To stay on top of all your dental hygiene needs, that is why it is important to ensure those check up appointments with pediatric dentistry in Tulsa. Fluoride treatments may be recommended, depending on your child’s dental health. Cleanings are also recommended especially with this time being the healthiest time your child’s teeth will be. To also keep decay at bay, keep the sugary foods and drinks to a minimum. Tooth sealants may be recommended later on down the road to ensure maximum dental health for your child. This is why it is so important to schedule at your regular check-up appointment with your dentist to find out which option, if any, is the best for your child.

For the best pediatric dentistry in Tulsa, our dentists are working diligently to ensure no child in the Tulsa location has tooth decay. Morrow, Lai, and Kitterman make it a priority to keep tooth decay away from all children’s mouths that come in the door. And if a child does have tooth decay, scheduling the best treatment options for their mouth. If you are concerned your child may show signs of tooth decay, please give us a call at 918- 742-9810 or book an appointment online at Let’s ensure as a community that no child has tooth decay!