The ml&k difference is truly what sets apart MLK Pediatric Dentistry from other Pediatric Dentistry in Tulsa. MLK Dentistry provides the MLK difference which means that with over 32 years of experience providing a comfortable and simple to understand environment for Pediatric patients they are definitely one of the top pediatric dentist clinics here in the region. MLK Pediatric Dentistry strives to provide a healthy smile for every child and explain the importance of preventative care. Our team of doctors are ready to remove your child’s fears organically through methods of positive reinforcement as well as verbal and nonverbal Communications.

Of course we do offer sedation methods for Pediatric Dentistry in Tulsa, mostly our recommendations for specific heightened anxiety cases or general reconstructive cases, anything that is extensive we may consider sedation for. We offer two general sedation methods and then general anesthesia in-house thanks to ambulatory anesthesia Association. However, our doctors want to make sure that your child can grow through their fear and understand the importance of preventative care for their oral hygiene. go ahead and join us today for your child’s free dental evaluations up until heir third birthday.

You heard that correctly we provide free Dental evaluations for your kiddo up until their third birthday making us one of the leading Pediatric Dentistry in Tulsa. We do this because preventative care is extremely important and your child should be cleaning their teeth starting after their first tooth has come in. After that first tooth your child is at risk for tooth decay and with their age being so little they are unable to intake different nutritious values resulting in extra sugar intake than an adult. In total putting your child at risk for tooth decay Between the ages of 6 to 12 months. Parents are recommended to review their child’s first tooth every few weeks to verify there is no decay.

However we can understand that it may be scary as a parent to take your child to their first pediatric dental appointment which is why we take time to understand exactly what help you need whether that be financially or not. With that we do provide 100% financial assistance with no money down just go ahead and give us a call today at 918-742-9810 if you have any questions about this option. Don’t forget it is completely free for your kiddo to have a dental evaluation up until their third birthday with us.View more information on our website at!

Most people don’t know that it’s actually recommended for your child to come in for regular checkups and routine teeth cleanings every 6 to months to make sure that they are in fact in good health and condition. So go ahead and start your child early in preventative care for their teeth. Don’t make them wait and regret that later we are more than willing to help you understand the process and bring you as well as your kiddo to ease in our office.