pediatric dentistry in Tulsa | highest reviewed in the nation

This content was written for MLK dentistry.

Are you seeking an exceptional pediatric dentistry in Tulsa for your child? Look no further than the highest and most reviewed pediatric dentistry provider in America. We have a combined experience level of 70 years. You can count on the fact that we have learned a thing or two about pediatric services throughout our practice. That is why we offer incentives and encourage regular checkups, a positive and fun pediatric environment, and offer exceptional services and additional services compared to our competition.

We offer exceptional pediatric dentistry in Tulsa because it is our commitment to make sure that our children receive the best care in our community. We encourage you to make sure that you are educated and well equipped to handle your child dental hygiene needs. One way we are committed to helping you with this is providing a free until three program. This is the ability to save you money and educate you on your child’s needs. This is where your child will not pay for a dental visit until their third birthday. We offer insight on proper diet to help with your dental hygiene needs and we educate on bad and improper habit that are detrimental to your child’s health

Another incentive program that we do for children is getting them involved. We believe that the best way to exceptional dental hygiene practices is to get your children engaged and involved and set a goal for them. We do this by putting their name in a drawing every time they display consistent hygiene practices that exhibit a good teeth and gum health. We will pick a winner from the drawing and send them to either Disney World or Disneyland. This is our commitment to making sure your children have something to work toward when it comes to get dental hygiene. The thing is, most children know that tonight is important. They understand and they listen. However, in an effort to impossible to relay exactly how important it is because they are too young to grasp and we understand the importance of what they’re doing and why.

We encourage regular checkups which promote healthy smiles. We encourage this for all ages. We know that teasing him help is important and once you make a routine of it you will enjoy coming back to the dentist again and again. We provide a positive and fun atmosphere for your children in a pediatric dental setting. We believe the more you know it the better prepared you are to helping your children receive success. We also offer sedation dentistry services. This includes oral conscious sedation and inhalation sedation.

We encourage you to contact us for pediatric dentistry in Tulsa to give your child the best chance at dental hygiene practices that will teach your child good habits for years to come. We encourage you to schedule your appointment online by visiting our website at You may also contact us by phone at 918-742-9810. We look forward to discussing your schedule and addressing any questions or concerns that you may have for your child’s dental needs.