We are America’s highest and most reviewed Pediatric dentistry in Tulsa, Not just in Tulsa but in all of America. Dr. Morrow live in Tulsa all his life. He is married and has celebrated his 40th anniversary with his wife Susan. He has a son who is a brewer oh, and a daughter who is a public relations and social media here in Tulsa. But has two children in his free time he enjoys golf, traveling, swimming, and attending Oklahoma State University football and basketball game. as well as spending time with his family.

Dr. Morrow has a Bachelor of Science I want a Doctor of Dental Surgery, certification in pedodontics, master of science in dentistry, and board-certified pediatric dentist. With his education and his experience, he is able to deliver exceptional service to your family. Making his practice the highest and most reviewed Pediatric dentist in Tulsa. Being really appreciative of that happening and that’s thanks to you. He has education that has already been established and he is also continuing his education. He received more than 20 hours of training each year to keep up with all of the latest. yeah, that’s what I’m supposed to do almost everything that one could experience in pediatric dentistry. The combined annual continuing education, allows him to fully utilize his knowledge to be able to this his patient with the practice.

Our office has three doctors who are passionate about what they do. They are here to help you and your children with their dental hygiene and needs. With their education and experience, they are able to deliver you the best service. You know you’ll be going in good hands based on their experience altogether.

Dr. Lai is a pediatric dentist and is focused on developing patience with excellent row help. She teaches you to have it and a positive attitude towards receiving double care. A sense of Pride and accomplishment when working with children and seeing stop a child have completed the dental treatment. She believes in education and prevention in our Pediatric Dentistry in Tulsa clinic. She is actually education and is still continuing her education. She has professional associations. Which included American Academy and Pediatric Dentistry. American dental association, Oklahoma Dental Association Tulsa County Dental Society, Southwest Society of Pediatric Dentists. She is in the Central Community and is it a that’s all advisor For the Kids magazine, the top pediatric dentist in Oklahoma magazine 2008, the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry, and the honors program. She is involved with her kid’s sports out-of-office and her kids’ lives to make sure that they are enjoying their time.

Dr. Kitterman is a pediatric dentist and a mom. She treats her patients the way she would with her own children. She remembers that children don’t have the same Comfort zones and anxiety levels there for the treatment of interaction has to be specialized for each individual child. She loves watching patients grow up and gain confidence with positive attitudes toward Dental Care makes her career very rewarding. She has an education of Bachelors of Science, Doctor of Dental Surgery, and pediatric residency, and board certified as a pediatric dentist. She has also continued her education through the American Academy of pediatric dentists to stay up all night with the latest Dental materials and procedures.

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