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Pediatric Dentistry in Tulsa Is only available at one place in the Tulsa area if you are looking for the best in this industry. MLK Dentistry you are going to be working with absolute Professionals in amazing team members guaranteed to provide you with the best and cleanest teeth, but also amazing service in a relaxed environment. There will be no long way to finish paperwork, we have provided all the paperwork you need on our website so you can have it filled out and ready to go as soon as you arrive in our office.

We look forward to you meeting the rest of our team as well at Pediatric Dentistry in Tulsa. Some of the amazing people you’re going to meet include of course dr. Morrow. He recently celebrated his 40th anniversary with his amazing wife Susan. His educational background includes his Bachelor of Science Oklahoma State University and of course he got his dental surgery doctorate at the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry he’s actively involved in continuing his education and regularly attends aapd meetings with over 20 hours of training each year. Dr. Morrow is committed to remaining the best in his field.

You could also meet Doctor Lai at our Pediatric Dentistry in Tulsa. She is typically focus on developing young patients with excellent habits. In addition to this she also wants to end grain positive attitude in children towards receiving this Dental Care. Once this is accomplished ongoing dental care and healthy hygiene habits are much easier. She believes that education and prevention are important piece of dental care going forward. Like dr. Morrow she also believes an ongoing education. She likes to stay involved by attending seminars and courses sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

Last but not least you should be able to meet Dr. Kitterman. She’s a pediatric dentist and most importantly she is also a mom. She presents herself on treating her patients as she would her own children and is very cognizant of comfort zones and anxiety levels. She believes that providing a positive attitude and relaxed environment is key to meeting all dental hygiene requirements for children. Like her Associates she also believes in continuing education as well and regularly attends the same seminars and training courses as Doctor Lai. All of our doctors are extremely committed to ongoing education, me and not only are they qualified from their college experience, but they continue to be renewed with the latest and greatest info for all of your Pediatric Dentistry needs.

You need to call us as soon as you possibly can at 918-742-9810 to talk to a friendly staff member today to schedule your appointment. You can also visit our website at where you will be able to meet our amazing staff members, and see some of the amazing testimonials that we have accrued throughout our years of service. We guarantee you will be satisfied with your first two free visit at $120 value and continue coming back for years to come, this one-of-a-kind offers only available with m l k dentistry in your local area of Tulsa.