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Do you want to find the best pediatric dentistry in Tulsa. Well I can show you right where to find the best pediatric ministry in Tulsa by going online. OK dentistry dotcom and looking at the moral line Kitgum in pediatric dentistry Web site now the first thing I do is go right to the About Me page and just look at the blog. There’s always something new and informative on there looks like right here they have a energy and sports drink. Eat away at teeth. Study what kind of talks about the you know sports energy drinks cause irreversible damage to the teeth in teens and young adults. A recent study published in general dentistry states that energy and sports drinks contain so much acid that they begin destroying the teeth after only five days of consistent use. That’s really crazy so if you have kids that are chugging down these Red Bulls and gator ains and hater AIDS and cetra you want to make sure that you get them the information. Right here on the Web site. It could be rotting their teeth and if they want to have a smile like Justin Bieber and they want to stop drinking some of those sports drinks in energy drinks and grab a toothbrush. An estimated 30 percent to 50 percent of us teenagers consume energy drinks and as many as 62 percent gets in at least one sports drink a day. The highest levels in the drinks erode tooth enamel and result in irreversible damage.
So the thing is once you have no to the name on your tooth we can go back to such fake teeth and hope as a child that that’s a big issue. And you know please please especially in young adults. Stop drinking these energy drinks. Stop drinking all these sports drinks drinking water. It’s a really great concept that they have allowed people to see here of how it can be so beneficial and just not drinking that ministry encourage our patients to limit their intake of sports drinks. The enamelware Rosen oddly makes teeth more susceptible to more susceptible to bacteria and that can lead to hypersensitivity staining and tooth decay. If you do consume an energy or sports drink make sure to wait at least 45 minutes until you brush as consumption of acidic drinks causes to the enamel to soften and making more teeth more vulnerable to wear the abrasive. Is found in toothpaste. So that’s the thing too is even you know. Once you have the enamel washed off even when you try to use your tooth brush to get rid of that stuff on there you’re just packing away your TV even more because they have broken down from the acid. So please folks listen to us here. And find out why pediatric dentistry in Tulsa is. Our number one priority and. We are the number one pediatric ministry in Tulsa specialists right here at. Morro lie and kitman dentistry located at 29 30 Pittsburgh Avenue right here in Tulsa where you can come and see all the great benefits that you can receive and the difference that you’re going to experience through coming to MLK industry. So if you haven’t had a chance to experience the best pediatric dentistry in Tulsa. Or go to the.
Best pediatric dentistry and Tulsa specialists right here at MLK there’s dot com you need to check us out please. Online at MLK dentistry dot com and go to our web our actual address here at 29 30 south Pittsburgh Avenue in Tulsa or call 9 1 8 7 4 to ninety eight 10 and we can help you get a better smile today. Don’t hesitate folks and quit taking your kids to these places that they hate going to get dental work and when they arrive they end up receiving you know a hack job of dental work. Come to people that are experienced and been doing that for over thirty two years working with children and not only dental work but also behavioral issues and understanding how to best give them the dental care that they need and teach them responsible habits for the future. Right here at MLK industry.