Do you keep searching up “Pediatric Dentist Tulsa”, not knowing who you can trust? Don’t worry, your search is over! Here at MLK Dentistry we are here to make sure that your children and their teeth are safe. By having multiple Dentistry options, multiple testimonials and reviews, as well as an about page that tells you everything you need to know about all of our staff, you know you can find the Pediatric Dentistry that you truly need.

Here at the best Pediatric Dentist for Tulsa, we cannot only offer you testimonials and reviews to show you how much help we can really provide, but we also offer a fun way to motivate your kids with their Dental practices. Right now we are offering a brush your way to Disney contest, where if your kids come in with amazing oral hygiene, they will be entered in a giveaway to win a free trip to Disney World. Don’t worry parents, this is a trip for the family, you can have up to four people for this free trip. By offering more than just a free toothbrush at the dentist we hope to motivate kids to properly clean their teeth and want to do so without the help of others. Of course we know they do still need help, this is what we care for.

Here at this Pediatric Dentist in Tulsa, We want to make your Pediatric Dentist Tulsa life easier. We do this by allowing you to set up your own appointments in the convenience of your home, or wherever you remember to make that appointment. We understand that not everyone can complete the to-do list every morning, or remember to set up their appointment until the office is closed, this is why we allow you to schedule your own appointments as well as letting you fill out all of those forms beforehand so that you’re not stuck in an office for too long. We hope by doing this we can help you and all of those parenting needs that everyone seems to struggle with. Simply set up your appointment on our website and print off those forms and get ready to bring your child up to MLK Dentistry today.

Here at MLK Dentistry we value all of our patients, we also realize that some Pediatric Dentist Tulsa patients need more help than others. This is why we offer not only a free for three, where we offer free dentistry for those children under 3 years old, but also multiple different dentist options for those who need more help. One of those options, outside of a normal checkup, is sedation Dentistry. This is there to provide a safe and comfortable dentist treatment for those patients with special needs, such as extra feel or more complex dental problems. This option is for those who previously had bad Dental experiences, have a fear of needles or shots, or maybe just have more sensitive teeth.No matter what uniqueness your little one has we try to make sure that each visit your child has with us is a safe and relaxing experience.

If you’d like to make MLK Dentistry your new Option today please call us at 918-742-9810, or visit us at our website at Here we try to provide those healthy, happy smiles for children and we want them to do this in a teaching environment where they can learn to take responsibility for their own health. We hope you’ll contact us soon and we look forward to seeing you.