Pediatric Dentist Tulsa | Lets go to Disney

Are you looking for Pediatric Dentist Tulsa? look no further than MLK Dentistry. We look forward to serving you throughout the Tulsa area. Right now a family of four can win a vacation to Disney World. That’s right Disney World. If your child has perfect oral hygiene their name will be placing a drawing we will be awarding to monthly prizes to go to Disney World. The trip must be booked 90 days in advance would include four nights of the Disney Value Resort and 4 days at the world Park. Make sure your child maintains an excellent oral hygiene and we look forward to making this happen for you.

Only at Pediatric Dentist Tulsa do you get a chance to win an amazing trip to Disney World just for the simple fact keep your teeth clean. The packages are purchased by Morrow, Lai and Kitterman pediatric dentistry and is not associated to Walt Disney World in anyway. Nothing helps provide the proper motivation, we hope this is what helps keep your kids teeth sparkling clean. Didn’t show off the Sparkle and clean teeth at Disney world, that’s right you heard that right Disney World.

Only at Pediatric Dentist Tulsa do you do we include these amazing free giveaways to motivate you to keep your teeth clean. In addition to that we provide an excellent services and products to help you along the way. So what are you waiting for, brush your way to the Disney right now. Only one of us will you be entered to win a chance to go to Disney World. Nothing makes us happier than clean teeth, but the smile on a child’s face with clean teeth is a close second when they find out they can go to Disney World. Make this a dream in reality and schedule your teeth cleaning appointment today.

How to disclosure, all travel Arrangements will be made through our travel agent and Disney specialist. So call her number today, her name is Kelli Gish-RuckerAnd she looks forward to helping you arrange your dream vacation. Do you want to be one of the kids that has brushed their way to Disney, make sure you keep those teeth sparkling clean and that dream can become a reality. Mini kids be before you have done this enjoyed an amazing trip with their parents.

Call us today at 918-742-9810 to schedule a consultation and asked us about the free trip to Disney and how you cannot win. Or visit our website at to see a multitude of testimonials of people with amazingly clean teeth and they have been pleased with the exceptional service that we provide. We look forward to being your top choice for all your dental nice, so contact us today so we can make this happen. Only with us, at MLK Dentistry can you win a trip to Disney World the simple Act of keeping your teeth clean, which they should be anyways, give us a call today so we can talk to you.