are you located in North Tulsa or close by and you’re looking for an Owasso pediatric dentist office near you? If you’re looking for ideas’s office you using we can help you. We are located very close to you for your convenience. We also are helpful when it comes to scheduling. We want you to have a skater that fits you best. Give us a call today or visit our website and pick a day that works best for you to come in. If is the very first appointment then let us know. We would love to be able to accommodate you enough time to meet our staff and get acquainted.

MLK’s Owasso pediatric dentist location is open and ready to serve you today. We are extremely happy staff as always. We are Americans highest and most reviewed key is against his office in the entire region. We have been able to make a patient happy with our homework and making your children possible and feel at home, are quick and fast services, and our friendly staff. People really love to come and speak to our staff. All of our clients and it shouldn’t feel like we are trusted friend or family member when they come into office. They are always agree with the smile in a happy and energetic environment.

If your child is meeting its reserves it and they are located in the Owasso area to give us a call today. We would love to be able to get to me as soon as possible. Give us a call let us know as symptoms that are having. Our MLK Owasso pediatric dentist location has the capability of performing sedation dentistry work if needed. We make sure we can do it all because wanna make it as convenient for you. We don’t you have the drive all over town to see the services you need. As you are home dentist office we should be able to provide you with this safe and comfortable procedures that you need.

Stop by our office or give us a call so we can hear child set up a river check ups. Routine check ups come in hands over the years. Ready your child has teeth or does not have teeth at all is a good starting point. Whenever your child comes at a young age before they have teeth it allows us to examine the health of their guns. Church if you have unhealthy comfort teeth even start to grow inside of their mouth. This is something that you want to be able to keep a good lookout for. It makes them more susceptible to cavities. He also makes their journey of growing teeth a little bit more painful than others normally.

If you think your child is experiencing symptoms for them not to be teething they give us a call today. We will go ahead and scheduling to you and silica look at your child’s gum health. Do you have any further questions about it? That is perfectly fine, give us a call today at 918-742-9810. Feel free to visit our website for some are more about our company, employees, and our routines. You can find our website at