Midtown Tulsa Pediatric Dentist | We Always Put the Customer First?

We are a Midtown Tulsa Pediatric Dentist who always strives for the customer first. First of all, we are an industry that is literally somebody who takes on patients on a daily basis, so it is almost impossible for us not to put the customer first. But, we do a lot more to not only put the customer first in the news that they have, go above and beyond as far as their wants go.

We understand that when people come in to see a Midtown Tulsa Pediatric Dentist they might already be in a poor mood or not be so thrilled about coming into the dentist. Having says, we have taken the necessary steps to put different items in place that wanting your child and will help to distract them from anything that might scare them to the process. We find this extremely effective and vitally important to a smooth transition matter what step of the way. You can see most of the children smile as soon as they come through the front door.

So many of our services center around the patient. We understand that the parent is just as much a patient as a child because they are actually going through the whole process with the child. Sometimes parents can feel the pain of their children and they do not want to see them in pain which is 100% understandable and is something that we are constantly aware of. We are aware of different situations that are able to anticipate a lot of different things. This always surprises people and they recognize how sharp we are, giving them even less things to worry about throughout this process that could be scary.

Put you first when we educate you on how to present to. We tell our patients that tooth decay is caused by all the pictures are often enough and eventually turn into acidly break down your teeth. There a lot of children who are at a higher risk for tooth decay because they tend to be lax in the oral hygiene consistency. We really stress and calm the point home that they need to visit the dentist every six months and the need to have regular flossing and brushing routines. These routines need to be the proper application else it will not be effective.

It is standard to have the teeth cleaned every six months so that we can check in on the see exactly how they’re doing. If you let it going long on this a lot of problems can come up and we do not suggest it. Is not that big a deal to have to come in every six months, it is a little bit of a nuisance but if you ever have a problem that is bigger than just a toothache you will appreciate that you kept your appointment and one then when you really didn’t feel like doing in the first place. What us be your guide through this whole process and let us take one more responsibility off your shoulders so that you take a little bit of a break.