Midtown Tulsa pediatric dentist for a simple and non-frightening first dental visit and treatment. You can get all this from Ella MLK dentistry located in Tulsa Oklahoma. You can also learn more and download our pediatric dentistry brochure and get your kid a dynamite dental fun kit where they can learn a little bit more and familiarize themselves with their teeth as well is able to allow them to be able to has an activity before their dental visit. Dental www.mlkdentistry.com 918-742-9810. Without fail to share more additional information about you if this is your first time with MLK dentistry never let your kids here before we better be able to make sure you’re well set up with paperwork insurance and all that stuff and would also like to thank you for making us America’s highest and most review pediatric dentistry practice in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Midtown Tulsa pediatric dentist. Ozzie can schedule an appointment this online with just leave us your name email phone number and a message of like how many kids you have and when what days or times you would prefer and then click schedule now and then a member of our family staff will be able to get a hold of you and schedule that as soon as possible. So we’d also like for you to be able to learn more about how to treat your kids teeth especially if you have a very little one who hasn’t had their teeth arrived yet.

Would also like to make sure that your kid early on starts practicing simple oral hygiene habits that are healthy for them that include brushing flossing and preventing tooth decay and cavities. So with regular dental cleanings and checkups we can make sure that we can keep those things at bay. We also recommend fluoride treatments twice here along with cleaning to keep their teeth nice and strong. And we also recommend the seal which is a tooth sealant that he noted the grooves in your child’s teeth and also prevent to keep from forming in hard-to-reach areas.

They usually last between at that for about seven euros and they monitored with regular checkups. If you need directions to our office to bring it out for their first appointment or the first appointment in a long time the address of our office is 2930 S. Pittsburgh Ave., Tulsa, OK 74114. 918-742-9810 www.mlkdentistry.com if you have any additional information comments or questions please do not hesitate to give us a call or actually I you can answer your questions by getting in touch with us by meeting in an email phone number and when a member of our wonderful front desk staff get a hold of you soon as possible to address any questions or concerns that you may have.

Midtown Tulsa pediatric dentist. The dentist office your kids will love coming to you because MLK dentistry definitely makes the difference. And that is why we’re the America’s highest rated and most reviewed pediatric dentistry practice in Oklahoma and also across the nation. 918-742-9810 www.mlkdentistry.com. Give us a shout because your kids will love us. Your kids will love coming to this dentist office.