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Are you looking for a good kids dentist in Tulsa? If so, you should look into the services that we have available at Morrow, Lai, & Kitterman Pediatric Dentistry. Here, we want to make certain that you have access to dentistry options that will help your child to it not to deal with the oppressive fear that many experienced over the dentist’s office. We want to make certain that your child has the opportunity to have good oral hygiene and establish good hygiene habits without having to deal with the unnecessary stress that comes from the tuitions when they are accomplished by people who do not know how to avoid giving children anxiety. Come check us out today to see how we do things differently.

How do we make certain that our atmosphere is more calming and less stressful? One of the ways that we do this is by having our kids dentist in Tulsa office instructed to be welcoming and kid-oriented. Another way is by offering services to children under one year old. When you start training your child into the dentist’s office from the very beginning, they cannot learn to see the dentist’s office as a place that is normal, not scary. We also can establish the beginning of a good experience so they will not even have to experience the bad things that go on in other dentists’ offices. We also make certain you have a therapy pet on hand, which can be very effective for helping treat anxiety.

Even if your child still has anxiety after all of this over kids dentist in Tulsa offices, we still have good options. We offer sedation for children who have had it traumatic experiences with dentists or you cannot overcome the anxiety for whatever at the recent. We have different levels of sedation available, from conscious sedation to general anesthesia. Our anesthesiologist is licensed, so you can trust that they are going to always make certain that your child is taking care of.

We also always want to make certain that we have affordable services for you. Are you looking for a dentist office that has services at an average of 10% less cost then most Tulsa dentists? If so, you should definitely look into our services, for that is what we offer. We always want to make certain that we keep things affordable so that you can get the service that you needed to keep your child’s teeth cleaned.

We hope to be able to work with you sense that we can help you with all of your child’s dental needs. Give us a call today at (918) 742-9810 or visit our website,, and thought-form on the Contact Us page more information or to start scheduling appointments. You can also send a fax to (918) 742-8301, and we are located at 2900 S. Pittsburg Ave. Our office hours are 8 AM to 5 PM Monday to Thursday and 8 AM at 2:12 PM on Friday. We look forward to getting to work with you and show you the difference that we can make in your child’s dental care. We hope to see you soon.