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We are the best Kids Dentist in Tulsa. What do our services include?. Only to be provide pediatric cleanings for all children but we also provide a stress-free and calming environment for children, as well as continuing an ongoing Educational Tools to keep your children’s teeth clean in between business as well. This is invaluable for children as they can learn to keep their own teeth cleaned and maintain their own dental hygiene. We believe in not just providing the service but also educating the children to provide this service for themselves.

Are you looking for a Kids Dentist in Tulsa? Look no further than MLK dentistry. Many people wonder why they sent to Dena Kay Dentistry for their Pediatric Dentistry needs, recombine top-of-the-line service, cutting-edge technology all of our Dentists are trained with specific Behavioral Management techniques in mind. Meaning with us not only are you getting clean teeth, but you are getting anxiety and stress free environment for your children, and ongoing Educational Tools so they can keep their teeth clean in between visits. This leads to savings I’m going into the future as well, leading to fewer procedures to clean up decaying teeth.

Why are we the best Kids Dentist in Tulsa? The ongoing education that we provide at our Dentistry leads to saving down the road. We teach your kids to keep their own teeth clean and maintain their own dental hygiene, saving money down the road on expensive procedures that can prop up with the cane and unclean teeth. The only do we provide cost-effective care with excellent service, but we also save money down the road as well these savings are hard to quantify and proved invaluable in your kids care. Let us make life at home easier by building effective dental hygiene habits in your children. No more stressing out in the morning getting your kids to brush their teeth, will take care of this for you and make this an automatic part of their daily routine.

You can say with us now, and stay with us later. Let our ongoing Educational Tools build healthy habits in your child avoiding cost down the road. In addition to this you will get your dentist visit every six months with regular price along with the cleaning to keep teeth strong and toots thielemans as well because they still deep roots in your child’s teeth, this service will help prevent tooth decay and he still has last for several years but will also be monitored during your regular checkouts.

You cannot afford to hesitate, give us a call today at 918-742-9810 to see what everyone’s talking about, after all we are America’s highest and most review pediatric dental practice. You can also visit our website at, and see why we are the most reviewed pediatric dental practice. We guarantee you will be impressed by our amazing testimonials on our website.