MLK’s in Jenks Pediatric Dentist location gives back to his community. We have so much fun being able to bring your children, and bond with them. We level we do. There are not many dentist out that they could say the absolute love their jobs. We are here for more than just the money. We actually love to do more with our money been to spend it on ourselves in a selfish manner. We love to get back to our community. We are making the world better place one visit at a time. We are extremely excited to meet your children get to know them better. We service them with great customer service even though that they are just little ones. We make should they enjoy the experience and if they are chewed with respect and kindness. We are making are then we better starting with us.

If you’re the local area and your needy Jenks pediatric dentist to get MLK a call today. MLK is an amazing group of dentist and dental assistants who really care about your church or. We have been an issue for 32 years strong. We have 70 years of experience combined with the expert inside of our office. Your child will never lack. Everything on the varying office that would give the utmost respect, kindness, and information that they need. We are teaching us how to be more accountable for the condition of their teeth by simply brushing in the morning and night with the correct supplies given said them.

Give us a call today if you are in the area of jenks pediatric dentist that you want to meet with us. We are more than happy to set up your child’s very first appointment. If your child is under the age of three then this is awesome! We recommend you go ahead and start reading them in for visits. They can come in our office for a dental visit for 100% free up to the age of three years old. This allows us to be up the vomit your child first. This is a great idea if you review chat may be fearful coming to our office for the very first comic allow machines and metal tools. Many children are actually afraid once they experience the process. However, many are afraid of the sounds and tools.

Give us a call today if you have any additional questions for us. This 80 really has any questions for your bow to help you to let us know. We are an office has to let the world vision is our charity. We love being able to give back to children. We are not only conservative church in our office. We are concerned about the children all around the world. We are sponsoring 14 children who are disadvantaged in different parts of the world. We personally send money and notes to them to make sure they know that they are thought of and cared about. This has truly been a blessing to our team.

If you want to connect with us today to visit our website. You can find all of our contact information there. We are available to you at any time just reach out. We are more than happy to service you your. If you have any particular questions or concerns about our program in relation to your child and give us a call at 918-742-9810. If you would like to know more about our staff, our protocols, or even our testimonies day visit our website today by going to