Jenks Pediatric Dentist | Many Locations in the Tulsa Area

If you are looking for a Jenks Pediatric Dentist then look no further than MLK Dentistry. That’s right we’re not just in Tulsa but we’re also in the Jenks area as well. We want to broaden our scope so we can serve as many amazing clients as we can. We believe in providing children with the best service we possibly can, and believe an ongoing educational tool so they can keep their teeth clean at home not just in between their 6 month visits. This is a gift that will keep on giving as we are prepared to help your child maintain their dental hygiene on their own not just when they are set to visit the dentist.

If you are looking for a Jenks Pediatric Dentist that cares, then MLK Dentistry of the place for you. We provide an amazing service, but we also believe in quality care. That’s why our environment is specifically designed to be relaxing and make children feel safe. We believe children need to feel safe so they can enjoy the experience of their first dentist visit, which in turn will allow them to practice healthier in more sustainable dental hygiene habits. Put all this together along with our incredible staff and then you will reap the benefits of future savings as we will avoid cavities and other costly dental procedures down the road.

Look no further than Jenks Pediatric Dentist at MLK Dentistry. We look forward to serving all of your Pediatric Dentistry needs in the Jenks area. That’s right not just Tulsa and not just broken arrow and not just Sapulpa but we are on Jenks as well. The more locations we have the more smiles that we can put on the face of children. Regardless of the location we will always have a welcoming and inviting front office staff whose primary goal is to take care of whatever you need them to take care of, but also ensure that your child leaves with a positive experience.

So if there is a place that you’re looking forward to get your Pediatric Dentistry needs taken care of, look no further than MLK Dentistry. That’s right we are super excited to be in the Jenks area, so we can serve the community. you should stop in or give us a call and see why we are America’s most reviewed pediatric dentist practice, but also why every single child that we have here leaves with a smile. We have a stated goal of making sure that smile comes with as clean the teeth as we possibly can make them.

The best way to make this happen is to call us at 918-742-9810, you can also visit our website and see why people are just raving about the services that we provide. Every single child who enters this building will have a positive first experience guaranteed, but also leave the smile as well. In addition to the smile they will also leave with information and tools to keep their dental hygiene in tip-top shape.