With the best dentists, our Jenks pediatric dentists will be able to give your family the best oral care. We have monthly drawings for children who will be able to enter their names into the drawing. For children who come into our office with exceptional dental hygiene. We’re here to make a difference. We’re here to make a difference in your child’s life and as a parent. They’ll be able to confidently know that your child will be in safe hands with professionals who know what they are doing when caring for children. We want to help your child and their anxiety to be able to get past the fear of going to the dentist. For your child’s first visit, we believe it should be enjoyable and comfortable. A comfortable and light-hearted environment for 32 years our experience shows that we are able to help children get through that phase of being afraid of the dentist.

After your children’s first visit with us, you’ll be able to see the difference. They will walk into our office confidently at the next appointment. They will know what to expect and they will know that they will have fun in our office as we have a kid-friendly environment. And we’ll be able to educate your child and you in a paragraph about your responsibilities of taking care of their teeth. No matter what age you are going to regular checkups is very important. You’ll be able to prevent truth Decay by regulating the foods and drinks that your kids eat and be able to have them or brush their teeth after every drink and food.

We have over 70 years of combined Pediatric Dentistry experience. our doctors are passionate about what they do and they know exactly what they are doing. They are able to explain things with easy and simple terms for you and your child to understand. We are the most reviewed and highly reviewed Jenks pediatric dentists In America. We are at the home of 3 board-certified dentists with qualifications and continuous education to keep up with the latest tools, and techniques for dental procedures. There will be a photo booth coming soon to our office to be able to accommodate your child’s fun habits when coming to the office. We have inhaled anesthesia that we’ll be able to save our patients over $6,000 per case. And also having a therapy pet in our off does wonders for children who have high anxiety. We all know children don’t react the same way. We want to be able to accommodate your child’s individual needs. We have a behavioral specialist who will be able to work with your child and make her child so comfortable.

We like to make the world a better place here at Jenks pediatric dentists. As an office, we have selected World Vision another charities. We sponsor 14 children who are disadvantaged and different parts of the world. With a sullen oath and monetary donations every month it has been extremely rewarding for the office team. When we receive letters from the children we know that we had made a difference in their life in their community. It really brings us together as a team and that’s what this is about. You can go to our website and also be involved in emergency infant services and Catholic Charities to help a community.

To keep your teeth and gum healthy with regularly scheduled visits to keep your smile bright, give us a call today to book your appointment at 918-742-9810. For more information about how we can make a world a better place, you can come together with us to make a difference by visiting our website at https://mlkdentistry.com/.