Jean Jenks pediatric dentist call us for an appointment so we can set up your camp in the morning afternoon appointment Gammon get their teeth cleaned if your kid is three years or younger if your kid is younger than three years old the connection give them a free dental exam as well as a free fluoride treatment. This is not a value to hundred $20 per visit we love to be able to for you to take advantage of that one of our deals and you also can enter a contest when a private theater but stands for 20 people in a private theater. Also we can actually enter you to win for your kid to be able to get when a trip to Disney World or Disneyland. Also go online to learn more information as well as give us a call at our website or go to work at telling them they belong additional information about us and probably they will set ourselves apart from any other pediatric entry in the area today. To hear from and also set up and appointed for you caterer your children.

Jenks pediatric dentist. Here in Waukegan should we practice doesn’t always offering the best investment always make sure that everybody walks away with a memorable experience and at least being a little into be entered into a chance to win a trip or into a magical movie expense for the kids and for their family. If that sounds at all interesting that really does take her interest in the 7071 of the motif. Your kids can brush their way to Disney ticket has great oral hygiene another appointment and you think that they never thought it would be possible to in there and name can actually be placed in a drawing for a chance to win a trip to Disney World or Disneyland.

If you like to meet the team and everybody who’s on the staff as well as the doctors and the oral hygienist that we have on staff can actually learn more about winning a trip to Disney. So if your kids have not been to the dentist in a wine you want to bring Emmanuel to give him a little bit in the center mentioned that taking care of the teeth before they come into the civic connection be entered into for a chance to win a trip to Disney World or Disneyland. We also offer pediatric industry as well as sedation dentistry. Accounts versus two addenda should be enjoyable and not negative.

We always want to make sure they were out and enable an enabling you can have a positive experience in the come to the dentist that’s wisely offered the unit giveaways as well as the drawings and we want to make sure that we able to add for you as a parent and a family member be able to join with them. So the more you have a kid I come for the first visit the more they were better the better they will feel. So at some of the technology we actually have sedation dentistry was actually a lot more safe and comfortable and be able to put kids more so than the night you know wiggling around specially have a really in a wild toddler or something.

Jenks Pediatric Dentist, Call us today 918-742-9810 seeking hold of us and schedule an appointment for your child burn oral health exam as well as a fluoride treatment if you take so and I also have a child that’s kind of wild and likes to move around a lot we had to have sedation dentistry that we can offer. So our goal here is actually to create a happy and healthy smiles for children and one of our patients that this list makes us the number one in high America’s highest rated and most reviewed and dentistry for pediatrics and all of Obama and the nation. The paragraph